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  • Features impingement and microwave cooking technology
  • 150-525 degree Fahrenheit temperature range
  • 3.2kW dual impingement heating elements; 2kW dual magnetron microwave operation
  • Microwave adjustable in 10% increments from 0-100%; adjustable impingement air speeds
  • 16 temporary menu groups with 24 recipes each; programmable controls and USB port
  • Self-diagnostic systems for easier maintenance; stainless steel construction for durability
  • Six cooking stages; 208/240V electrical rating
  • Includes single basket, tray, peel, 2 oz. oven cleaner, and 2 oz. oven protector

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Bakers Pride e300 Speed Oven: Cooking

Bakers Pride e300 Speed Oven: Cooking

Good morning, my name is George Greiser, corporate executive chef for Bakers Pride. Today we're going to show you how easy it is to cook in speed oven e300 by Bakers Pride. We have a simple, Italian sub sandwich here. I'm going to take it, open the oven, place the sandwich in the oven on a basket, i'm going to hit select sandwich, then i'm going to hit "cook sandwich" and in 30 seconds you're going to have a beautiful sandwich. So now the oven is complete in cooking our sandwich. We're going to open the oven. Check the sandwich, you can see it's got a beautiful toast on the bottom and melted cheese on the top. We're going to probe the sandwich to see what the internal temperature is. The internal temperature is registering at about 138 degrees. So, on the oven you also have the option to cook more, brown more, cook and brown more. But as I said, with the toasted sandwich, I think that's a pretty good toasted sandwich. Okay so now that we've seen just a toasted sandwich go in the oven, we're actually going to take a frozen product, chicken tenders, and they should take approximately 4 minutes. They're coming from a freezer state at zero degrees, and there's approximately 18 chicken tenders on the basket. Again, with the touch screen, we're going to choose chicken, select the chicken button, frozen 18 tenders, and it's a 4 minute cook time. So now that the oven is beeping, we're going to check our chicken. Chicken needs to be cooked to a minimum of 165 degrees, and these were from frozen, cook time approximately 4 minutes. So we're going to take it's temperature, and we are at 175 degrees. So the chicken is crispy on the outside, and nice and juicy on the inside. Again one of the advantages of using the Bakers Pride e300 is a consistent product at all times with the simple push of one button. Now that we've done a toasted sandwich and a frozen product in the Bakers Pride e300, i'd like to show you how it handles raw protein. We do not recommend high fat proteins for this oven. This is a lean cut of top sirloin, you can do fish, you can do chicken, we just do not recommend high fat proteins like burgers. I'm going to put this in the oven, and we're going to see how it does with a fresh sirloin. Please note the use of the metal pan. We're going to put it in, again, the simple touch of proteins, and then a sirloin steak. We're going to cook this for approximately 2 1/2 minutes depending on how you like your steak, we can always bring it up by the cook more brown more function, we can never go back. Okay, so now the oven is beeping, we're going to remove the 12 oz. sirloin steak. We're going to take a look at it, i'm going to check the internal temperature. And for me, i'd like to see just a little more internal temperature, the temperature is about 100 degrees, so i'm going to try to bring it up to mid-rare, so i'm actually going to use the cook more and brown more button. I'm going to place it back in the oven, i'm going to tap the screen, and i'm going to hit the third button down which is cook more, brown more. It's an automatic algorithm that is actually built in to the process, it's 20% more of the original cook time. So now that we've used our cook more brown more function, we're going to take our steak out, we will probe it again, we are trying to achieve a mid-rare. Okay. At this point in time, we should always let our proteins rest. So i'm going to leave it on the cutting board for a couple minutes, let it rest, as you can see it's got some beautiful caramelization, nice browning of the steak. We've let our protein rest for about 5-7 minutes now. Now i'm going to slice it to see how tender it is, obviously the knife goes through very cleanly. It's got a nice mid-rare. Again, with the cook more brown more option, you can bring this up to medium, mid-well, whatever your choice is, we prefer to do it at mid-rare. For more information about the Bakers Pride e300 speed oven, you can contact us at 1-800-431-2745 or you can visit our website at www.bpspeedoven.com.

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Watch this helpful video to learn about the many different types of product you can cook in your Bakers Pride e300 speed oven! From toasting to roasting, this oven offers unmatched versatility that will impress the guests at your establishment.

Bakers Pride e300 Speed Oven: Introduction

Bakers Pride e300 Speed Oven: Introduction

Intro and tour of e300. The camera pans around the sides of the oven. We see a chef open the door so the camera can capture the inside. We see up close shots of the shelves, back wall, and side walls. Good morning, my name is George Greiser and i'm the corporate chef with Bakers Pride. Today we're going to show you the benefits and features of the new e300 speed oven. This oven can bake, roast, toast, all with the simple touch of one button. Lets discuss the benefits and features of the e300. You can see the stainless steel cavity which makes it very easy to clean, and it's not under a vent hood. It's a completely vent-less system. As you can see, the side launch microwaves enables us to use metal pans in the oven. The other technology in the oven is impingement air. When we move air through the cavity, at 100% capacity, we're basically moving the air at 60 miles per hour. We also have a USB at the bottom here. For chains with multiple locations, it makes it easier to transfer the menu with just a simple thumb drive. The oven also comes with 384 programs. 16 groups, and 24 items in each category. Lets discuss the accessories that come with the Bakers Pride e300 speed oven. We have a mesh basket, for better airflow for products, we have a solid basket, and then we have a pizza peel. It also comes with oven cleaner and oven guard. Optional are a sheet pan that you can use for baking products, and the meteorite stone. The meteorite stone works wonders with pizza, it gives even distribution of heat, and nice crisping of the bottom dough on a pizza. So, for more information about the Bakers Pride e300 speed oven, you can contact us at 1-800-431-2745 or you can visit our website at www.bpspeedoven.com.

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The Bakers Pride e300 speed oven is the perfect addition to your commercial facility. It can bake, roast, toast, and cook a wide variety of products with just the push of a button. Watch this video to learn about the exciting features of the e300!

Bakers Pride e300 Speed Oven: Programming

Bakers Pride e300 Speed Oven: Programming

Programming the Bakers Pride speed oven. Good morning, my name is George Greiser, corporate executive chef for Bakers Pride. Today i'm going to show you how easy it is to program our new Bakers Pride e300 speed oven. So we're going to start out by programming, as you can see the screen here, is in an off position. We're going to tap the screen and it's going to start to warm up. So, we have just powered on the oven, as you can see it says oven warming, select option. At the top i'm going to hit cook, and i'm going to select a category. I'm going to select pizzas and at this point the oven is going to warm up to the desired temperature of that particular product. Now that the oven has come to temperature, 500 degrees, we're actually going to show you with the simple touch of one button, how to cook a pizza. I'm holding this to show that the manufacturer suggests the pizza to cook for 21-24 minutes. We are going to cook the pizza in approximately 4 1/2 minutes. So now that the temperature is 500 degrees, as I said before, with the simple touch of 1 button, we are going to select pizza. I'm going to put the pizza in, slide it in with my pizza peel, touch the button, and we are cooking this pizza in 4 minutes and 5 seconds versus the manufacturer-suggested time of 21 minutes to 24 minutes. So at this point in time, lets take a look at the pizza and see how it's cooking. Pizza seems to be developing very nicely. Getting a little golden brown, cheese is a nice melt. Now we're going to continue to cook by tapping the screen, and it'll continue to cook through the final process. So now that the oven has finished cooking, if you'll notice we have options built in on the side. Cook more, brown more, or cook and brown more. Lets take a look at the pizza and see if we want to use any of those options. I don't think we're going to need to cook more or brown more. So let's cut the pizza, it has a nice crunch, and show the bottom. Dough is fully developed, nice even distribution of air from the meteorite stone that we used. So now that we finished cooking a product, we're going to show you how to actually program a new category and product. You're going to go to menu set up, add new, and we're going to type in the name, going to type in bagel. We're going to hit enter, and you'll see the new group's name. To change the image, tap on the image, and we have a bagel right here. Now we'll save that category. Do you want to save the group? Yes. Now, to add a new program and a new item, we're going to hit item edit, add new, and we're going to say onion bagel. Hit enter, and here's your 6 stages of cooking with it. your 3 variables are your time, your percentage of air flow, and your microwave assist. We just want to toast the bagel so i'm going to hit 30 seconds, enter, and you'll see it come up over here. For air, we're going to do 100% velocity, hit enter, and microwave, cause microwaves are attracted to moisture, fat, and sugar, we're just going to hit 10 percent. And you have created a new item. So we're going to hit save, save menu, go back, go back again, excuse me, we're toasting at 500 degrees. And there's your new program. We're going to save, back, back. So now that we have our menu set up and we have our bagel saved, we're going to go back, and we're going to go to cook. We're going to scroll on the bottom, and there's our new category, and here's our onion bagel. At this point, with a simple touch, the oven will start to cook, and in 30 seconds you'll have a nice, toasted bagel. So, for more information about the Bakers Pride e300 speed oven, you can contact us at 1-800-431-2745 or you can visit our website at www.bpspeedoven.com.

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Watch this simple, step-by-step tutorial on how to program a new category and a new item into your Bakers Pride e300 speed oven! With just the push of a button, you can perfectly cook a wide variety of products.

Bakers Pride E300 Specs
Width 22 3/4 Inches
Depth 33 Inches
Height 20 1/8 Inches
Interior Width 15 Inches
Interior Depth 14 Inches
Interior Height 8 Inches
Amps 26 Amps
Hertz 60 Hertz
Phase 1
Voltage 208/240
Wattage 5,200 Watts
Application High Performance
Capacity .97 cu. ft.
Control Type Touchscreen
Cooking Surface Area 210 Square Inches
Features Fits Quarter Size Pans

Heating Source Microwave & Impinged Convection
Power Type Electric
Stackable Yes
Type Rapid Cook Ovens

Bakers Pride E300 Details

Simple to use and perfect for cooking quality food quickly, this Bakers Pride E300 high-speed / accelerated cooking countertop oven is the ideal choice for high-volume kiosks, snack bars, quick-service restaurants, and cafes. It uses both impingement and microwave cooking technology to cook foods as fast as a traditional microwave while also maintaining higher food quality. Not only will you be able to heat pre-packaged foods faster, but your customers will appreciate the better food texture and taste. Plus, if you need multiple ovens to keep up with customer orders but lack sufficient counter space, this unit can be stacked with another E300 oven to double your cooking capacity within the same small footprint.

Another feature that makes this unit perfect for small operations is the ventless operation. Effective for any foods not classified as fatty raw proteins, the ventless design lets you use this oven even in areas where venting isn't possible. Since the ventless system uses a catalytic converter to reduce grease and carbon in the oven cavity's air, there are no filters to remove or clean.

This oven has a 150-525 degree Fahrenheit temperature range and uses 3.2kW dual impingement elements to heat the oven cavity. It also uses 2kW dual magnetrons for microwave cooking. This unit allows you to use any combination of microwave and impingement when cooking since the microwave technology is adjustable in 10% increments from 0-100%. Plus, you can also adjust the impingement air speeds up and down for when you are cooking more robust or delicate items.

The easy-to-use touch screen menu controls let you quickly navigate through the oven's settings to program in new menu items. This oven comes pre-programmed with 16 temporary menu groups that can contain up to 24 recipes each with the ability to handle up to 384 total recipes. By pre-programming recipes for your most popular menu items, you can cut down on the time it takes for your staff to prepare foods. Rather than inputting individual cook times for each item, your employees can simply load the oven and tap one icon to start cooking.

Designed to be able to handle different types of foods including proteins, vegetables, and baked goods, this unit has six cooking phases that can be programmed along with cooking time in your recipes. The cooking phases and other programmable features let you choose the best options for each recipe and all of the programming can be updated either through the touch screen or via the integrated USB port.

Cleaning and maintenance couldn't be easier with this high-speed oven! The self-diagnostic components along with automatic voltage detection and adjustment mean that installing and maintaining your new oven is worry-free. Plus, removable impingement jet plates allow you to access the entire cavity while the coated microwave windows and stainless steel construction simplifies cleanup at the end of the day.

So you can quickly get your new oven up and running, this unit comes with a single basket, a tray, a peel, 2 oz. of oven cleaner, and 2 oz. of oven protector. It has a .97 cu. ft. capacity and requires a 208/240V electrical connection.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 22 3/4"
Depth: 33"
Height: 20 1/8"

Interior Dimensions:
Width: 15"
Depth: 14"
Height: 8"
Capacity: .97 cu. ft.

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  • ETL Sanitation

    ETL Sanitation

    This item meets the sanitation standards imposed by the ETL, a division of the Intertek Group.

  • ETL US & Canada

    ETL US & Canada

    This item meets the electrical product safety standards imposed by the ETL, a division of the Intertek Group, for use in the United States and Canada.

  • Stackable


    This item can safely be stacked with identical or indicated items to promote easy transportation and space-saving storage.

  • 6-30P


    This unit comes with a NEMA 6-30P plug.

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