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  • Grooved top plates provide tantalizing grill marks and smooth bottom ensures even heat supply
  • Temperature adjusts between 120 and 570 degrees to keep up with high-demand
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction and cast iron plate provides durability
  • Great for making paninis, sandwiches, quesadillas, and burgers
  • Removable grease tray included for easy cleaning

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Create tantalizing, beautiful grill marks while ensuring even heat distribution with the Avantco P88SG double grooved top and smooth bottom panini grill.

Boasting 3500W of heating power, this double grooved top and smooth bottom panini grill allows you to double your production rate while quickly and efficiently creating your most popular sandwiches, quesadillas, and hamburgers. And, with a compact 22" x 12" footprint, you'll have no trouble finding space for it at your sandwich shop, concession stand, pizzeria, or food truck.

  • CE Listed

    CE Listed

    This item complies with the standards imposed by the Conformance European (CE), a division of the Intertek group.

  • 5-15P


    This unit comes with a NEMA 5-15P plug.

Grooved Top and Smooth Bottom Plates

The grooved top plates provide tantalizing grill marks for an excellent presentation, while the smooth bottom ensures consistent, even heat supply. The cast iron plate construction provides long-lasting durability and strength. Plus, having two separate grilling sections allows you to double your output in the same time frame.

Specialized Hinges

The specialized hinges allow the top plates to lay flat against the food rather than at an angle. This ensures complete contact and uniform cooking.

Heavy-Duty Construction

A heavy-duty, stainless steel construction ensures that the unit is built to withstand a rough and tough kitchen environment.

Removable Grease Tray

The edge of the grill plate is angled downward to collect grease and direct it into the removable grease tray. When it's time to clean up, the tray can be removed and emptied.

Dual Thermostatic Controls

To ensure consistency, the dual thermostatic controls allow you to adjust the temperature of the grill to accommodate the appropriate cooking temperatures for different foods. With a 120-570 degree Fahrenheit range per grill, you'll have no trouble keeping up with high-demand. You can even cook two different products at the same time because each side of the grill has its own independently-controlled heating element!

Heat Resistant Handles

The panini grill itself can reach up to 570 degrees to cook your sandwiches and quesadillas at top speed, but the handle will remain cool to the touch. This ensures the user's safety during operation.

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Can each of this unit's power cords be plugged into the same outlet?
They cannot be plugged into the same outlet.

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Create your most popular sandwiches, quesadillas, hamburgers, burritos, and more with these Avantco commercial Panini sandwich grills! These Panini makers feature 1750 watts for single grills and 3500 watts for double grills, for fast and thorough cooking every time. It comes in several different plate configurations too accommodate all your favorite Panini grill recipes. Choose from models that feature; smooth top and bottom, grooved top and bottom grooved top and smooth bottom, double grooved top and smooth bottom, double smooth top and bottom, and double grooved top and bottom. The grooved grill plates provide tantalizing grill marks, while smooth plates offer more surface area to give your food a nice caramelized exterior. The temperature is easily adjustable between 120 and 570 degrees Fahrenheit to cook or warm a wide variety of foods. Our double grills feature independent temperature controls allowing you to cook different items at the same time! Their Stainless steel exterior ensures long-lasting durability and strength and thanks to the included drip tray, cleaning up is a breeze after every use. These Avantco Panini grills are CE listed. The single grills require a 120v electrical connection and come with a 4ft cord and plug while the double grills require 2-120v connections and come with 2-4ft cords and plugs. Thanks for watching and if you have any questions, please click on our live chat button!

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Keeping your Panini grill seasoned is an important step in maintaining the cast iron plates. Once you have received your Panini grill, it’s important to take the proper steps in caring for it before your first use. In order to protect the plates of your new grill during transportation, a layer of food-safe oil was coated on the surface prior to shipment. This oil is harmless, but must be removed before you begin to use.To remove, preheat the grill to 350 degrees f or until the oil liquifies. Next, carefully wipe away the melted oil with a clean, soft cloth and clean the surfaces with hot water and a mild dish detergent. Once the oil is removed and you have cleaned the surface, you are ready to season. Seasoning is important for any cast iron item used in the kitchen. It will keep your Panini grill from rusting and ensure a nice stick resistant surface. To season, preheat the grill to 400 degrees F. Once the preheat light turns off, place a small amount of oil in center of the grill. Using a soft dry cloth, spread the oil around covering the top and bottom of the grill. Let heat for 15min or until all oil has been burnished. Your grill may need to be reseasoned periodically due to heavy cleaning. Just follow those simple steps to ensure your grill stays rust free and stick resistant. Thanks for watching, and if you have any questions, please click on our live chat button.

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Create all of your signature hot sandwiches easily with one of our many commercial panini grills! These countertop powerhouses are becoming some of the most popular pieces of equipment in foodservice today. We have tons of options to choose from to suit your business. We offer both grooved and smooth plates, as well as units that combine both features, so you can decide whether you want grill marks on both sides, just one side, or not at all. Plus, you can choose between aluminum or cast iron plates. Aluminum heats up faster, making it good for occasional use, while cast iron is better at retaining heat, making it the ideal choice for prolonged use. We even have non-stick options that are easy to clean and naturally prevent food from sticking. Depending on how many and what kinds of sandwiches you grill per day, you may also want to consider one of our dual-plated models. These units double your productivity, allowing you to make two sandwiches at once at two different temperatures. You can even designate one side for vegetarian, and the other for meat, helping you cater to all of your valued customers. To help you choose the right option for your business, we've broken down our panini grills into medium- and heavy-duty applications. If you think you'll only need to use it occasionally throughout the day, a medium-duty unit might be the way to go. However, for filling constant orders throughout the day, a heavy-duty model will work best. Be sure to also check out our selection of turners and sandwich spreaders, as well as our grill cleaners and scrapers to get everything you need for your business.

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Overall Dimensions:
  • Width: 22 7/16 Inches
  • Depth: 12 Inches
  • Height: 8 1/4 Inches
Cooking Surface Dimensions:
  • Width: 18 3/16 Inches
  • Depth: 9 1/16 Inches
Upper Plate Dimensions:
  • Width: 8 1/2 Inches
  • Depth: 8 1/2 Inches

Customer Reviews

  • Overall User Rating: Avantco P88SG Double Commercial Panini Sandwich Grill with Grooved Top and Smooth Bottom Plates - 18 3/16" x 9 1/16" Cooking Surface - 120V, 3500W

    4.2 stars from 19 reviews


    People Talk About:

    Great press panini grill heavy needs heat warranty Expected plates
    2 out of 2 found this review helpful
    Great panini grill. Keep temperature long and work really fast. Only criticism would be that you need two outlets on the separate circuit. But other than that, if you solve that problem, you will be highly satisfy!
    2 out of 2 found this review helpful
    We purchased two of these panini grills and they worked great for about 8 months. After 8 months, they lost their temperature control and the cost in fixing them was equivalent to the purchase of a new one. Unfortunately for us, the warranty is a 6 month warranty, thus, they were not covered under warranty. We even alternated which panini press we used throughout the week to spread out the wear and tear of these, expecting that with that procedure we could extend their life by at least a year....nope! Didn't even last a year. I believe these to be a good purchase if you are operating a very small volume commercial kitchen. Otherwise, spend the bigger money on the higher quality equipment.
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    This press worked ok, in the first week or two the pins supporting the arm popped off, so the press wouldn't stay where you put it. Annoying, but manageable. Otherwise it's fine since February, which puts us at just under 8 months. Now a thermostat is broken, and there no temperature control on the top plate; max heat all the time, burns everything we put on it. Oh, did you notice that 6 month warranty? Really, with no damage, not moving around, just doing exactly what it's been designed to do, this should really last at least a year. I recommend you buy something else.
    We appreciate your review! We are sorry this Avantco sandwich grill did not hold up well for you. Unfortunately this unit is out of the warranty period. If you are looking for a different recommended sandwich grill, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    1 out of 2 found this review helpful
    This panini grill is great! It heats quickly, and cooks evenly. When we saw the low price were were a little bit hesitant as to whether it would be a good fit for our cafe. It does great!
    Fabulous product. Did require special electrical adjustment but does just what we needed it to. Even heating and love the look of the grooved top. We use in two ways, for our quesadillas and our panini sandwiches. We do use parchment paper to wrap each of them while on the grill. Makes cleanup quick and easy!
    Had for a few months now and seem to be working great. No on/off switch but can control temperatures. It uses low power and works great with a standard outlet. The press evens out and presses evenly.
    Okay, at first this grill wasn't my cup of tea. However, after using it for a while now it has only gotten better. needless to say I am now in love with this grill. It heats up fast. It leaves beautiful grill marks on our sandwiches. Its super easy to clean and i love that you can use one side at a time. I have learned that when youre not using it but its on to keep the tops down as it does put off a lot of heat and can over heat your kitchen and staff fairly quickly.
    We use this panini press all day, everyday. It's a solid machine for pressed sandwiches. The only complaint I have about it is that its very heavy and without something to brace it, our sandwiches come out too flat. However, the durability makes it worthwhile.
    Excellent value here!! We use this unit all day 6 days a week and it has held up great! This will heat a good sized sandwich in approximately 5-6 minutes. I will be purchasing a 2nd unit soon to increase our hot sandwich offerings.
    We love this panini press! It was a great addition to out coffee shop. It works great for grilled cheese, toasting bread, or any sandwich that needs to be heated. Definitely recommend this product.
    We use this grill to make panini in our wine bar. The dual zone is great as we often heat sausage on one side while making panini on the other. The machine is heavy duty and I can't imagine needing a more expensive model when this one works so perfectly. Would definitely buy again!
    Plugged in the grill for the first time and it blew off. First, we heard the pop sound and then saw the smoke. Very dangerous! Be aware! Expected appliances undergo inspection before being sent out to a customer. The item came in defective and now we are stuck dealing with the return which seems like it's going to be quite a hustle.
    Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry your Avantco P88SG Double Commercial Panini Sandwich Grill with Grooved Top and Smooth Bottom Plates - 18 3/16 inch x 9 1/16 inch Cooking Surface - 120V, 3500W was defective. Corrective action has been taken and a Customer Solutions Representative has credited your account!
    This grill is pretty much the heart and soul of our daily lunch operation. Smooth and reliable performance plus even grilling have been so appreciated.
    This grill is nice, it isn't too bulky and it give you much more space to accommodate the demands quickly. the only draw back was not knowing it uses two plugs. otherwise it is great.
    This is one of our favorite pieces of equipment. Our cooking needs are limited and small but thing does it all! Extremely durable and well constructed. Its twice as heavy as I expected it to be and it needs 2 separate circuits, but its worth every bit of extra effort setting it up. Easy to clean, highly recommended!
    The heating element works really well however after 4 weeks of consistent use, the hinges stopped holding up the top of the press which is really inconvenient when you are trying to put food on the grill.
    Received the panini press today. Press is heavy duty and in good working order. Can't wait to start using it in my cafe. Thanks a million.
    Great edition to any small kitchen. We don't have a flat top in our restaurant and this is the perfect inexpensive option for adding variety to our menu.
    Highly recommend this press. We had been making do with a home model and this press easily cuts our prep time in half. We considered the double groove plates, but are so glad we went with the flat bottom for ease of clean up. I wish there were options for removable plates, but I imagine they don't heat as well or as evenly. Only problem is how heavy it is, but it's what I would expect from solid cast iron.

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