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Take Advantage of Remote Monitoring and Control with Smart Equipment

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Take Advantage of Remote Monitoring and Control with Smart Equipment

Improve the convenience and efficiency of your workplace by investing in smart kitchen appliances. Not only can upgrading your appliances save you money in the long run, but it can also reduce stress on your employees. WIFI enabled equipment allows you to connect your unit to a smart device to monitor its status and receive helpful notifications to ensure a smooth operation. Furthermore, smart appliances can be programmed according to your preferences, allowing for easy use.

Whether you own a restaurant, hotel, or catering business, virtually any foodservice establishment can benefit from using smart kitchen appliances. The extra control and data that smart kitchen appliances provide aids in the efficiency, precision, and safety of your operation. Choose from a variety of products, such as refrigerators and freezers that can be programmed to send alerts for system errors, malfunctions, and open doors and fryer oil filtration machines that will conveniently notify you when your unit’s oil needs to be filtered. By being able to remotely control a range of cooking, holding, and prep equipment, you can monitor your food’s progress to ensure consistency and reduce the number of accidents in your kitchen.

Keep your workplace on pace with your competition by shopping from our selection of smart kitchen appliances. We offer contactless order pickup warmers that feature unique access codes, reducing your lines and making it easy for customers to receive their food. Furthermore, we offer leak detectors that provide real-time updates on your fixtures and faucets, allowing you to catch water leaks before they even begin. To discover more great products, check out our tablets and accessories, mobile computers, and barcode printers