T&S 000933-45 Faucet Handle Screw

Item number51000093345



T&S 014734-45 #8 Spanner Bit

Item number51001473445



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T&S 001409-45 3/8" Hex L-Key / Allen Wrench

Item number51000140945




T&S 002432-45 Loose Handle Key Screw

Item number51000243245


T&S 003077-45 Faucet Anchor Screw

Item number51000307745


T&S 009598-45 Spout Guard Screw

Item number51000959845



T&S 010588-45 Loctite #222 Capsule

Item number51001058845


T&S 012490-45 Loctite #680 Capsule

Item number51001249045


T&S 012665-45 Silicone Grease

Item number51001266545




T&S 017267-45 Hex L-Wrench

Item number51001726745