Anti-Static Bags

Protect your electronic items from harmful static electricity charges with our bulk anti-static bags.

Poly Tubing

Poly tubing bags are packaged on a convenient roll so you can cut your bags to the perfect length.

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Pre-Opened Bags

Our pre-opened bags feature one open end and one closed end to save you time during packaging.

UV Protective Bags

Keep light-sensitive materials protected from sunlight with our wholesale UV protective bags.

Poly Bags

Package a variety of items for retail, storage, or shipping with our clear poly bags.

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Flat Bags

Flat bags have a slim profile so they take up less space in your storage area when not in use.

Mattress Bags

The best way to protect your hotel mattresses and keep them dust-free is to store them in mattress bags.

Plastic Sheeting

Bulk plastic sheeting is a versatile option for protecting boxes, pallets, and large items from dust or debris.

Ice Bags

Use ice bags to sell bagged ice or transport ice to onsite locations at outdoor venues and events.

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Garbage Bags

Maintain sanitary trash management in your business by stocking up on bulk trash can liners and bags.

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Our retail bags are available in clear, polypropylene styles for crystal clear visibility, low-density polyethylene for flexibility, and linear low-density polyethylene for increased strength. Choose the type of plastic that best suits your application. These lay flat bags are designed to provide lightweight protection for your products during shipping or storage. For packaging meal kits, make sure to check out other useful items like plastic takeout containers, condiment packets, and wrapped cutlery.

Package and Protect Items with Industrial Bags

Industrial bags come in handy for a variety of applications, whether it's packaging items for retail sale or for storage. We carry bags for shipping products to customers, bags for protecting your items in storage, and bags for showing off your products on store shelves. Choose from a wide selection of materials, sizes, and thicknesses.

Find industrial bags for packing, processing, and foodservice applications in our collection of plastic and polyethylene bags. Bag sizes range from just a few inches wide to multiple feet in length, so you can find a packaging solution for any size product. Whether you’re shipping meal kits, produce, or snacks, we carry a food-safe plastic bag to meet your needs.