120 VoltsPolyScience CAG700SIL1BUC1 Anti-Griddle Freeze Plate - 120VPolyScience CAG700SIL1BUC1 Anti-Griddle Freeze Plate - 120V


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Whether you own a high-end restaurant or quaint cafe, anti-griddles are perfect for creating unique petit fours, amuse-bouches, and even lollipops. The cold plate of the anti-griddle can provide a frozen exterior to your appetizers while maintaining a liquid center for a fun surprise. Add detailed chocolate work to your sweet desserts or create elegant savory hors d'oeuvres with the help of this innovative technology. Check out our selection of food presentation and plating tools, piping tips and pastry-bags and chef coats to complete your plating station. If you're wondering where to buy an anti-griddle, we have a large selection of anti-griddles for sale at the lowest prices.