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Use Commercial Griddles to Efficiently Cook Delicious Meals at Your Foodservice Business

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Use Commercial Griddles to Efficiently Cook Delicious Meals at Your Foodservice Business

Commercial flat top grills are a versatile cooking option for restaurants because they can be used to prepare a variety of popular foods. If you have an extensive breakfast menu, a griddle grill is going to allow you to cook most of those items at the same time. While homefries and hashbrowns are crisping up on one side of the flat top, you can fry eggs to order on the other side. Pancakes, sausages, and bacon can all be cooked on your griddle, and you can even adjust the heat with individual burners to create areas of low or high heat on the cook plate.

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Countertop flat top grills are a flexible alternative to freestanding cooktops. With a countertop griddle, you have the option of placing the unit on any available countertop space as long as long as you have access to the required utilities and ventilation. Flat grills can be moved around more easily than a permanent unit, either for cleaning or to rearrange your layout.

Our selection of drop-in griddles includes regular and hibachi-style Teppanyaki griddles. Both of these options feature heating elements located in the center of the griddle for cooking food and cooler outer edges to warm cooked food. Both styles of commercial griddles are designed to mount flush with your existing countertops, making them perfect for businesses with limited space.

Restaurant flat top grills feature a large cooking surface called a griddle plate, that heats up quickly and evenly. This smooth surface provides plenty of room to cook multiple menu items at the same time, which makes commercial flat top grills a common site in most commercial kitchens. Our selection of electric griddles and gas griddle grills are available in a variety of sizes and configurations so you can find a unit that fits best with your kitchen layout. If you're still having trouble deciding, check out our commercial griddle review guide. For related products, check out our griddle plates, accessories, and display stands.