Walk-In Coolers / Refrigerators

A walk-in cooler makes it easy for you to store large quantities of food at safe holding temperatures and prevent them from spoiling as quickly.

Walk-In Freezers

You can find walk-in freezer units that come as a simple storage box and others that arrive with an external refrigeration system already connected to the box itself.

Walk-In Freezers

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Walk-In Cooler Refrigeration Units

Whether you need a replacement walk-in refrigeration unit or you just built your very own walk-in, we have the refrigeration equipment you need.

Walk-In Cooler Freezer Combos

Equipped with both freezer and cooler sections, save space with a walk-in cooler freezer combo units.

Walk-In Cooler Doors

Walk-in doors are perfect for convenience stores, grocery stores, and markets that are looking to display merchandise.

Walk-In Freezer Doors

Walk-In freezer doors allow you to repair broken freezers, keeping inside contents at the perfect temperature.

Walk-In Refrigeration Shelving

Utilize walk-in refrigeration shelving to create effective storage solutions in your business.

Walk-in Refrigeration Parts and Accessories

Walk-in accessories for coolers and freezers will make your storage space safer for employees.

By having the proper walk-in refrigeration equipment in your establishment, you’ll be able to maintain a sanitary and organized back-of-house area. Plus, since all of our units are constructed from durable materials like stainless steel and aluminum, you can rest assured they’ll last for years in your high-volume environment. As an added bonus, fully insulated interiors and completely sealed doors ensure temperature retention and energy efficiency. While you’re shopping for products for your foodservice establishment, be sure to also check out our stainless steel steam table food pans, salad bar crocks, and freezer paper.

Find the Proper Walk-In Refrigeration Equipment for Your Food Storage Needs

If you operate a restaurant, dining hall, cafeteria, catering business, or other type of commercial kitchen, walk-in refrigeration equipment is essential for you. These units are designed to store and keep your perishable food items at safe temperatures until you’re ready to cook, reheat, or serve them. Plus, thanks to their shelving and large interiors, they ensure your supplies are organized and allow employees to walk inside to find the products they need.

Our selection of walk-in refrigeration equipment includes prefabricated units, which have a set design by the manufacturer, as well as built-in models, which are constructed to meet your exact needs but can’t be moved or changed once they’re set up. You can also choose between refrigerators, freezers, and cooler boxes to find the perfect storage unit for your indoor or outdoor location. Additionally, we carry models with various numbers of sections to accommodate your low-, medium-, or high-volume storage needs.