Ice Cream and Gelato Dipping Cabinets

Display and store your frozen desserts at the proper temperature in these ice cream and gelato dipping cabinets. Choose from clear or solid top units.

Ice Cream Display and Storage Freezers

Our selection of ice cream display and storage freezers includes units with clear tops as well as ice cream chest freezers and hardening cabinets.

Commercial Ice Cream Machines

Choose from a variety of batch freezers, gelato batch freezers, pasteurizers, and ice cream makers to easily prepare ice cream and a variety of other cold treats in your kitchen.

Drop-In Freezers and Frost Tops / Cold Slabs

Install drop-in freezers into your countertop for fast transactions. Frost tops and cold slab units are great for mixing toppings into your ice cream.

Ice Cream Accessories

We have all the ice cream freezer parts and accessories you need. You’ll find accessories as well as replacement lids, gaskets, and pumps.

By outfitting your establishment with a commercial ice cream freezer, you’ll be able to keep frozen treats available for your customers. Whether you’re looking for a large ice cream chest freezer or display cabinet for your high-volume creamery, or you need a smaller, countertop unit for sporadic orders in your restaurant, we have you covered. Serve customers a delicious sundae or ice cream cone, or use these freezers to keep ice cream for topping pies, warm brownies, and other desserts. To make an informed buying decision, read commercial ice cream freezer reviews. For other great supplies for your establishment, be sure to check out our ice cream spades, plastic ice cream bowls, and ice cream topping dispensers.

Keep Frozen Treats Stored at Proper Temperatures in an Ice Cream Freezer

An ice cream chest freezer is a necessary piece of equipment for your creamery, cafe, grocery store, concession stand, or buffet. By having one of these units in your establishment, you’ll be able to store gallons of your specialty ice cream, gelato, custard, and frozen yogurt at the proper temperatures. Choose a commercial ice cream freezer with a solid top for back-of-house storage, or check out a glass top model for your front-of-house display.

If you’re looking for items to take your ice cream service to the next level, we have a variety of ice cream chest freezers and other ice cream units for your needs. We carry frost tops that provide a cold surface while employees mix toppings into hand-dipped ice cream and machines for making soft serve cones. You’ll also find dipper wells and topping rails that attach to your ice cream freezer for utensil and ingredient storage, as well as replacement items, like sneeze guards, gaskets, flavor tags, and casters.

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