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Fisher Pre-Rinse Units
Fisher Pre-Rinse Units

Pre-rinsing is an important step of dishwashing, so make sure your system is as efficient at possible! With Fisher pre-rinse units, you can be sure that food debris is rapidly removed and that racks of dishes are quickly prepared for further washing. Watch this video for a look at the features that distinguish Fisher units from others, and find out how Fisher can benefit your operation!

Fisher Replacement Hoses
Fisher Replacement Hoses

Fisher offers two different types of pre-rinse replacement hoses. One that is made for Fisher hoses only and one that is a universal hose that can adapt with other models! Watch this video to learn more about these two types and how they work!

Fisher Interchangeability: Upgrading Your Pre-Rinse Unit
Fisher Interchangeability: Upgrading Your Pre-Rinse Unit

Check out this video to learn how Fisher can help you upgrade your pre-rinses! Fisher offers pre-rinse components, such as spray valves, hoses and springs that are interchangeable, allowing them to adapt with any other brand.

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