Dexter-Russell Duo-Glide Utility Knife

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Knife Cases
Knife Cases

Knife cases are ideal for storing, organizing, and transporting all of your cutlery, ensuring you have what you need wherever you go! Made in a variety of materials, these cases protect your blades from damage and prevent injuries in the kitchen.

Dexter Russell Chef's Knives
Dexter Russell Chef's Knives

The Dexter Russell Chef's knife is the only option when it comes to top quality and performance. Its durability, and versatility with multiple handle options, gives you an edge in the kitchen. Watch this informational video for more!

Lincoln Impinger Oven 1300 Series: Optional Soil Shields
Lincoln Impinger Oven 1300 Series: Optional Soil Shields

A look at the benefits of using the optional soil shield. Soil shields will help to make cleaning your 1300 series Lincoln Impinger oven a breeze!

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