7 1/2 Inch Fish Shears Video

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Lavex White Cardboard Trash and Recycling Lid Assembly
Lavex White Cardboard Trash and Recycling Lid Assembly

Great for use at outdoor events and parties, Lavex trash can lids are simple to set up. Watch this video to learn how!

Paraclipse Fly Patrol
Paraclipse Fly Patrol

Easily eliminate flies in your cafe, small restaurant, or bar with the Paraclipse Fly Patrol! Designed for permanent mounting or portable use, this unit features a patented auto-advancing cartridge system, using glue and attractants to quickly and cleanly remove the flying pests in your facility. If flies are a problem for you, then check out this short video to learn about the Fly Patrol!

Chef Master Citrus Wedger
Chef Master Citrus Wedger

The Chef Master citrus wedger is the perfect choice for light-duty applications! You can consistently cut uniform wedges of lemons, limes, or oranges for food prep and drink garnishes.

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