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Venice Bakery Products Allow You to Cater to All Customers with Dietary Restrictions

As a pizza maker and purveyor since 1953, Venice Bakery made a name for itself by venturing into the gluten-free pizza crust world in 2010. After learning about multiple autoimmune diseases, as well as the positive effects that a gluten-free diet has for people with autism, Venice Bakery perfected a gluten-free pizza crust so everyone all around the world could enjoy an iconic treat. Combining the inspiration from their Italian roots in Pioppo, Sicily, with the innovative food scene of southern California, Venice Bakery creates top-of-the-line, gluten-free pizza crusts. Read more

With their line of novel pizza crusts, Venice Bakery has an option for every diet. Their different dietary crusts encompass various shapes, flavors, and even colors, giving you multiple options to choose from for your menu. Cater to specialized diets to expand your customer base with Venice Bakery products.