Thomas' Muffin Products

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Thomas’ Muffin Products are a Fresh and Delicious Addition to Your Menu

The Thomas’ brand was founded in 1880 by Samuel Bath Thomas who created the English muffin with the recognizable “nooks and crannies” texture. Today the Thomas’ brand produces a variety of delicious bread products, but the English muffin remains the most well-known. Made with premium ingredients like wheat flour and yeast and griddle baked in a secret process, Thomas’ muffin products have a light, airy texture and no trans fat or cholesterol. Read more

Crumbly and light, Thomas' English muffins can be served with butter and jam or alongside a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs. Thomas sandwich size English muffins are the perfect size to hold sandwich toppings and melted cheese. Thomas’ brand products have a fresh, homestyle taste that makes them a great addition to the menu at your family restaurant, diner, or cafe.