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Makers of the Original Food Mill

Louis Tellier shook the food world in 1947 when he created the first professional food mill. That mill was the first in a long series of innovative small kitchen appliances that have established Tellier as a leader in the foodservice industry over the last 65 years. Since 2001 Tellier has diversified, offering carving tools and books for design enthusiasts and has been recognized as a leader in fruit and vegetable carving. Read more

As a foodservice industry leader, Tellier has expanded beyond just food mills into French fry cutters, peelers, can openers, coffeemakers, bread slicers, parts and accessories, and more. A truly worldwide company, Tellier operates in both the professional and consumer markets in over sixty countries. We offer a variety of Tellier food mill accessories including grids, sieves, and baskets.

Tellier Food Presentation and Plating Tools

Tellier Food Presentation and Plating Tools

Tellier food presentation and plating tools include egg toppers that make it easy to open eggs.

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