Stagionello Meat Curing Equipment

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Stagionello Meat Curing Equipment Produces Traditional Charcuterie Meats

Stagionello meat curing equipment is designed by the Italian company Arredo Inox, known for producing and distributing innovative foodservice equipment. The first of its kind, Stagionello equipment creates microclimates that transform foods without the need for curing methods that require additives or chemicals. Committed to preserving Italian foods and heritage, Stagionello puts a strong emphasis on creating equipment that simplifies the process of salting, seasoning, and smoking. Read more

The Stagionello brand uses the latest technology to assist with the process of making charcuterie meats. Their meat curing cabinets transform foods by manipulating climate and using several phases to mimic the traditional stages of fermentation, drying, salting, and smoking. The end result is a unit that produces cured meats in a fraction of the time normally required.