Sharpie Writing Supplies

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Write Colorful and Eye-Catching Notes and Signs with Sharpie Writing Supplies

Sharpie started out as a glue and ink selling business in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1857, and over the years, they have expanded into one of the leading writing instrument companies in the world. The Sharpie marker was first introduced in 1964, and it was an immediate success due to its ability to write on almost any surface. More than just creating high-quality permanent markers, Sharpie is dedicated to providing an implement for self-expression. Read more

Sharpie offers a variety of highlighters, markers, and gel pens that have become a staple in schools, offices, and university supply rooms. They offer products in many bright and bold colors that you can use to write eye-catching messages and notes. Plus, their pens and markers come with several tip styles, ranging from wide chisel tips for highlighting and creating signs to fine points for writing notes. For more great office product brands, check out: Bic, Five Star, Duck, Filofax, and Ticonderoga.