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Serve your customers a rich and delicious treat that is also convenient by choosing Pellman desserts for your restaurant or diner.

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Decadent Pellman cakes come ready to serve and make an eye-catching addition to your dessert case.

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Made with buttery crusts and premium fillings, Pellman pies contain the highest quality ingredients for the most delicious flavor.

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Top Off Your Customers’ Meals with Delicious and Rich Pellman Cheesecakes

Starting in the family kitchen, Pellman has been baking cheesecakes, cakes, pies, and other desserts for the foodservice industry for over 40 years. You can find their delicious desserts in dessert cases in a variety of settings, such as restaurants, diners, and bistros. Additionally, Pellman cakes are an excellent choice for your business because all of their products are made from scratch with high-quality ingredients, which give them a traditional and wholesome flavor that customers prefer.

If you’re looking to serve your customers a high-quality dessert with a rich and wholesome flavor, Pellman cheesecakes and desserts are the perfect option. They have a large selection of flavors and types of desserts for you to choose from, such as chocolate cake, traditional cheesecake, or carrot cake, so it’s easy to find a dessert that you can serve at your establishment. Additionally, these products are convenient options for busy kitchens that want to serve dessert but don’t have the time to make baked goods.