Oringer Dessert Products Supplies

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Easily Create Desserts Like Ice Cream and Milkshakes with Oringer Dessert Products Supplies

Oringer is a part of the Concord Foods brand and specializes in ice cream bases and toppings. Since 1918, Oringer has been providing locations with the ingredients needed to be on-site producers of treats such as milkshakes and gelato. Due to their large distributor network covering the East Coast, the Oringer label has quickly become a symbol of high-quality service and quality ingredients in ice cream shops around the country. Read more

Oringer dessert products supplies are a fantastic addition to an establishment looking to improve its dessert menu. Bases for products such as ice cream and milkshakes make it easy to create quality desserts for customers. Additionally, add-ins such as toppings and syrups can elevate your restaurant’s frozen treats to the next level.