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Optimal Automatics Equipment and Parts Are Backed by over 40 Years of Gyro and Shawarma Making Experience

Optimal Automatics, Inc. is a respected manufacturer of gyro and shawarma equipment for Greek restaurants, concession stands, and food trucks. Since they launched in 1971, Optimal Automatics has adapted their products and services to their customers’ feedback. They’re now considered the industry standard for shawarma, gyro, and doner-kebab equipment. Read more

Optimal Automatics equipment and parts are all American-made, ensuring quality, durability, and reliability with each purchase. They sell their original manufacturer parts so you can repair rather than replace your Optimal Automatics equipment. Optimal Automatics even offers an affordable refurbishing service, so you can have your Autodonor inspected, repaired, and cleaned.

Optimal Automatics Portable Outdoor Grills

Optimal Automatics Portable Outdoor Grills

Optimal Automatics portable outdoor grills are easy to transport, allowing caterers and restaurants to host pig roasts and barbeques.

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