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Durable Work Boards for Commercial Kitchens

Over the past several years, Molded Fiberglass Tray has become a world leader in reinforced polyester composites. With a catalog of glass-reinforced composite containers, boxes, totes, and more for every industry from metalworking to pharmaceutical processing, Molded Fiberglass Tray is growing each day. Read more

Molded Fiberglass Tray manufactures dozens of helpful, durable, and affordable tray models for bakeries and commercial kitchens throughout the world. Boasting market trays, display trays, and more, these composite-reinforced foodservice necessities are at home in nearly any commercial setting.

MFG Tray Bagel Boards

MFG Tray Bagel Boards

These proofing boards are perfect for holding bagels and other baked goods while they rise to perfection. These durable boards fit in standard proofing racks, and will hold up to years of use.

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