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Grills, Accessories, and Parts for Outdoor Cooking

A customer favorite in outdoor cooking and one of the Middleby Corporation brands, MagiKitch'n produces grills and grill fuel accessories for growing restaurants. Their line of products encompasses a variety of different cooking equipment that is not only designed for outdoor use, but also convenient portability, durability, and cost effectiveness. Read more

MagiKitch'n's catalog covers a variety of portable outdoor grills and countertop models designed for premium results and longevity. With a combination of durable construction and exceptional cooking power, MagiKitch'n grills are some of the best in the business for large volume, outdoor cooking.

MagiKitch'n Portable Outdoor Grills

MagiKitch'n Portable Outdoor Grills

MagiKitch'n portable outdoor grills are the efficient, durable, and affordable way to cook your signature grilled dishes. Whether you cook burgers, steak, fish, or chicken, these grills are excellent for creating your most popular dishes.

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