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Grow Your Vegan and Plant-Based Offerings with Hungry Planet Burgers and Meat

Hungry Planet is proud to offer a premium line of plant-based meat alternatives, founded on the belief that you shouldn't have to choose between great-tasting food and a diet that's good for you and the Earth. With a decade of product development under their belt, Hungry Planet is ready to turn its best-kept secret into readily available, plant-based meals for everyone. Their products are designed to replace conventional meats as their tried and true vegan meats taste, look, and cook just like actual meat. Read more

With an array of vegan beef, pork, chicken, crab, chorizo, and sausage alternatives, there's a meat substitute for any recipe. Plus, vegan meat alternatives are less harmful to the environment as production requires less use of natural resources. Not just good for the Earth, Hungry Planet burgers and meats do not contain trans fat or cholesterol and are packed with essential nutrients to fuel a healthy lifestyle.