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Guittard Chocolate Company Products are Crafted with Generations of French Artisan Chocolate-Making Experience

For five generations, Guittard has been endlessly evolving their artisanal craft to bring the most flavorful, sustainable, and socially responsible chocolate to the industry. During the California Gold Rush in the mid 1800s, Etienne Guittard discovered the demand his chocolate garnered among the wealthy coal miners and, with his newfound passion, grew his business into a leader in the chocolate industry. Now, Guittard has donated funding, time, and product to community projects across America, worked to continually reduce their environmental impact, and empowered their cacao growers in order to obtain a chocolate that contains optimal flavor, quality, and value. Read more

Monitoring every step in the chocolate making process is essential for Guittard as they pride themselves on achieving the most natural flavor profile, ensuring eco-friendly and long-lasting growing practices, and equality for all of their growers. Guittard continuously works with the government and local organizations in the cacao's country of origin, protecting the natural flavor profiles of the regions' cacao to ensure the unique taste and aroma for all of their chocolates. Made with all-natural ingredients to showcase the natural terroir and post-harvest practices of the region their chocolate was grown, Guittard Chocolate Company products are one-of-a-kind, with exceptional, premium quality through and through.