Offer Refreshing Treats on Hot Summer Days With G.S. Gelato Products

G.S. Gelato began in 1995 when Guido Tremolini and Simona Faroni, an Italian couple, visited the Emerald Coast of Florida and realized there were no gelato shops to be found. Despite not knowing English, the two put a dream into motion to bring authentic gelato-making equipment and practices to the United States. Over 20 years later, they are now one of the leading gelato producers in the nation. Create a mouth-watering dessert menu that all of your customers can enjoy by stocking up on G.S. Gelato products. They offer a wide catalog of delicious frozen desserts, including gelato, sorbet, and soft serve in a multitude of flavors. You can also find plant-based and certified vegan options to accommodate your customers’ dietary preferences and needs.