Frymate Fryer Filtration Products

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Frymate Fryer Filtration Products Use Patented Technology to Lead the Global Oil Management Industry

Frymate is a global company dedicated to producing advanced deep fryer filters that allow restaurants to keep their costs down and quality up. Frymate, LLC, is the newly created U.S. subsidiary of the privately held Australian company Frymate International PTY LTD, which has serviced the hospitality industry since 2001. Frymate LLC manufactures and markets their filters in New Jersey. Read more

Frymate fryer filtration products use industry-leading patented technologies. Commercial fryer oil sullied by stray food particles adds distasteful flavors, so Frymate fryer filtration products act as sediment screens to protect your oil. Frymate filters extend the use of commercial deep fryer oil by 40% and preserve the flavor of fried foods.