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Clear Your Dishware and Laundry Easily with Dema

Whether you need to dole out detergent and fabric softener in your hotel’s laundry room or you want to outfit the dish room in your high-volume restaurant, Dema has the products you need. Dema is a leading manufacturer of chemical dispensing systems for the foodservice and housekeeping industries. Their products ensure that you get the correct measurements of chemical and water to achieve the best results possible. Read more

Among the products they produce, Dema manufactures washdown stations and chemicals pumps to use in your commercial setting. Washdown stations are perfect for use in janitorial closets or dish rooms and make thorough cleaning easier and more efficient. Dema also makes a variety of parts and accessories for your laundry and warewashing chemical dispensers, so they’re always working properly.

Dema Washdown Stations

Dema Washdown Stations

Dema washdown stations mount to the wall and dispense the chemicals you need to properly wash your dishes without taking up a lot of space.

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