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Indulge in Delicious Dairy Alternatives with Daiya Foods Products

Daiya began in 2009 when two friends, who had a passion for a plant-based lifestyle, came together to start a company specializing in dairy-free alternatives. Daiya creates products that are plant-based to provide customers with dairy-like foods that are good for their health, the environment, and for animal welfare. For a greater variety of options, Daiya has different flavors of their popular dairy-free cheese, pizzas, yogurts, and mac and cheese. Read more

Daiya foods products are perfect for making mouth-watering grilled cheeses, pastas, and desserts that your customers will barely notice are dairy-free at all. Their whole range of products are free of major allergens like gluten, soy, shellfish, and peanuts so you can serve them to a wide range of guests. Daiya is an ideal addition to any restaurant, hotel, or cafe looking to improve their selection of allergen-free food items.