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Striving for Quality Commercial Dishwashers and Equipment and Great Customer Service

CMA’s mission is to provide customers with the highest quality products and service, while always delivering more than they promise and more than you expect. CMA will strive to do business the way you, the customer, want to do business—on a mutually profitable basis. An industry leader in undercounter dishwashers, high-temperature and low-temperature door-type units, and conveyor dish machines, CMA is committed to designing and manufacturing high-quality equipment. Read more

Rising from humble beginnings in a small Westminster, California, manufacturing facility, CMA Dishmachines now produces high-temperature and low-temperature chemical sanitizing dishmachines, glass washers, along with other warewashing equipment in their new factory in Garden Grove, California. Focused on customers’ needs and always searching for new ideas, CMA offers products that will give you years of valuable service.

CMA Dishmachines Conveyor Dishwashers

CMA Dishmachines Conveyor Dishwashers

Clean up to 243 racks of dishes an hour with our lineup of CMA conveyor dishwashers! Clean dishes are always in demand, so a CMA conveyor dishwasher is just what you need for your kitchen.

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