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Use ChocoVision Products to Melt and Shape Chocolate Masterpieces

Located in Poughkeepsie, New York, ChocoVision is committed to creating innovative chocolate processing tools and equipment. Their products aim to make highly sophisticated processes easy for users, increasing efficiency and quality in the chocolate-making process. They also offer premium chocolates and flavors to showcase the effectiveness of their products. Read more

Use ChocoVision products in your operation to make delicious chocolate desserts. They offer a variety of chocolate melters, accessories, and tools to shape melted chocolate. These tools also are highly effective for creating specialty cakes and designs out of chocolate for high-end bakeries.

ChocoVision Chocolate Panners

ChocoVision Chocolate Panners

Use ChocoVision chocolate panners to make chocolate-covered desserts quickly and easily by coating them in chocolate.

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