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Chef Pierre Bakery Products Have Been Perfected Over Their Decades of Service

Chef Pierre has been baking fresh and delicious baked goods for commercial restaurants and diners for decades. The company is dedicated to remaining true to their original values and flavors, so they use time-tested recipes and real ingredients. Today, you can find Chef Pierre bakery products in restaurants, diners, grocery stores, and retail markets all over the United States. Read more

If you’re looking to serve items like pie, croissants, cornbread, and other baked goods that feature traditional flavors, Chef Pierre bakery goods are the ideal choice. In recent years, Chef Pierre decided to remove artificial sweeteners and partially hydrogenated oils from their baked goods, which has resulted in better-tasting and more nutritious products. Additionally, Chef Pierre bakery products are all made with local ingredients when possible, which helps give them a fresh and premium flavor.