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Choose Casio Electronics and Office Supplies for Your Corporate Office, Restaurant, or Bar

Casio was founded in 1946 by an engineer in Japan and is a global manufacturer of consumer electronics. Their products range from cell phones to electronic keyboards, and they are also responsible for pioneering the development of digital cameras and compact calculators. Casio is dedicated to producing items that are easy to use, reliable, and well designed, so they’ll satisfy the needs of any business. Read more

If you’re shopping for office supplies for your establishment, we offer a variety of Casio calculators to meet your unique needs. These items are also designed to help you add up expenses and track your finances, so they’re must-haves for any business. Some of them even print a tape, so you can see what you’ve already added and subtracted in black and red ink and keep the paper for your records. For more great office product brands, check out: International Paper, Prismacolor, Fiskars, Sharpie, and Bic.