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Canarm Commercial Fans Provide Superior Ventilation

Canarm Ltd. got its start as a sheet metal shop called Danor Manufacturing. In 1980, Danor merged with the Canadian Armature Works, which is the origin of the name, Canarm. Through several acquisitions and mergers over the decades, Canarm grew the business to specialize in fans, blowers, HVAC systems. Canarm commercial fans are used in commercial, agricultural, and industrial environments to circulate air and provide ventilation. Read more

Today, Canarm commercial fans and air moving products are sold all over the globe. Serving wholesalers, retailers, and distributors, Canarm operates out of a 100,000 square foot facility in Brockville, Ontario. State-of-the-art robotics and technology play a role in manufacturing a superior ventilation product, which is backed up by Canarm’s highly trained customer service staff.