Callebaut Chocolate

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Callebaut Chocolate Is One of Belgium's Premiere Bean to Bar Chocolate Brands

Being one of the most sought-after chocolate companies in the world, it's no wonder that Callebaut is a top choice for chefs. Callebaut chocolate provides unparalleled workability with the most balanced taste on the market. Callebaut partners with the Cocoa Horizons Foundation, a non-profit organization that works directly with farmer groups to improve and empower their livelihoods and communities, support farmer training, and help provide the tools necessary for the farmers to excel at their craft. Read more

All Callebaut chocolate comes with a QR code to trace the beans back to the cocoa farmers where their beans are sourced, providing you with the utmost transparency. Callebaut chocolate comes in many flavor options, such as dark, milk, and coveted ruby chocolate. From perfectly tempered chocolate bars to luscious fillings, discover how Callebaut can transform your confections.