Bedford Industries Foodservice Supplies

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Reliable Ties, Sealants, Fasteners, and More

Bedford Industries was founded in 1966 as a family-owned manufacturer of wire twist ties. Staying true to their original product, they've since expanded to incorporate a whole range of different products, including adhesives, packaging reclosures, and other products that the foodservice industry needs. Their catalog has become an essential in bakeries, delis, and other locations that prepare and package their own foods for storage and sale, helping to turn a faster and greater profit. Read more

Bedford's exceptional customer service and quality support make them one of the leading manufacturers of ties and adhesive products for a wide variety of purposes within the foodservice industry, ensuring you get a reliable and durable product for every purchase you make from them. And with so many products making up their extensive stock, picking out something that you need only takes a few moments of looking before you find the product that best fits your needs.