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BagcraftPapercon is committed to developing innovative solutions to meet needs and expectations of food service companies worldwide. They are considered the leading provider of flexible foodservice packaging in North America, establishing a firm reputation for outstanding customer satisfaction. Read more

BagcraftPapercon produces hundreds of paper products that can be used in almost any aspect of foodservice. They manufacture freezer paper, insulated bags, baguette bags, and popcorn bags, just to name a few, meeting the needs of multiple business models within one comprehensive catalog. If you're looking for a leader in food service paper products, BagcraftPapercon is your brand.

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Patty Paper

Bagcraft Papercon Patty Paper

Bagcraft Papercon patty paper makes it easy to separate large quantities of ground beef and other meats into pre-determined portions so you can cook your most popular burgers for any meal of the day.

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Pop-Up Wax Paper Sheets

Bagcraft Papercon Pop-Up Wax Paper Sheets

Bagcraft Papercon pop-up wax paper sheets are the convenient and easy way to line your most popular confections or baked goods. These sheets are all eco-friendly.

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