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  • Concentrated formula eliminates residue in group heads, valves, and machine lines
  • Integral to any daily back flush regimen
  • Foam and solubility balanced for optimal rinsing
  • Tablet style eliminates measuring
  • Listed by OMRI for use in organic production
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Urnex: How to Clean an Espresso Machine Using Cafiza and Rinza

Urnex: How to Clean an Espresso Machine Using Cafiza and Rinza

Hi, I’m Josh Dick, president of Urnex products. Today I’m going to talk to you about how to clean a fully automatic espresso machine. There are two quick and easy parts to clean in this machine today, first you have to clean the coffee brewing chamber, and second, you’ll have to clean the milk system. First, we will clean the coffee brewing unit. For this, we’ll use a Cafiza tablet. You’re simply going to insert one Cafiza cleaning tablet into the tablet delivery chamber on the machine. Each machine has one on top. Cleaning tablets come in specific sizes and shapes, depending on the machine and its specifications. This machine uses a 1.2 gram tablet, so that’s what I’ve just used. After you’ve placed the Cafiza tablet down the chute, press clean and the machine does the rest. Now we’ll clean the milk system. For this, use Rinza, either in tablet or liquid form. I’ll show you how to use both. Let’s use the Rinza liquid first. To fill the built-in measuring cup in the bottle, loosen the cap and squeeze the bottle. The Rinza solution will fill up to the perfect dosage. We recommend that you use 30 mL of Rinza milk frother per 500 mL of cold water and mix into a solution. Now we have our solution. Each machine calls for a specific amount of total dilution to be made, so check your instruction manual. From here, we’re going to insert the section tube into the solution. Now, we’ll run the entire solution through the milk frother system following the machine manufacturer’s maintenance and cleaning instructions, which might be on the screen. To rinse the system, we’re going to repeat all the same steps using clean water. Some machines do this for you, for those machines that don’t have an automatic rinse cycle, insert the section tube into clean water and run that through the frother system to rinse and flush away all the remaining solution. The Rinza tablet is used in basically the same way as the liquid. All you have to do is dissolve the Rinza tablet in the dilution of water noted on the package to create the proper cleaning solution. Now, you’ll have a solution to use, just as you did for the liquid. Of course, after cleaning, rinse with clean water just like before. You have now successfully cleaned your fully automatic espresso machine and are ready to make great tasting coffee. For more information about these products and others, visit us on the web at www.urnex.com.

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Extend the life of your coffee shop’s espresso machine by cleaning it regularly with Urnex’s Cafiza and Rinza cleaning solutions! The solution will clear the inner components of any residue and keep your fresh coffee tasting great.

Urnex: How to Clean an Espresso Machine Using Cafiza

Urnex: How to Clean an Espresso Machine Using Cafiza

Hi, I’m Jefferson, I’ve been a barista at Coffee Labs Roasters in Tarrytown for 7 years. Today I’m going to be showing you how to clean your espresso machine using Urnex products. First, replace the pour filter basket with a blind filter. Add about 3 grams of Cafiza espresso machine cleaning powder into the blind filter basket, or, add one Cafiza tablet into the blind filter basket, and return the pour filter back to the group head. Press and hold the wash button to active the clean cycle, also known as back flushing. Select which group to clean, then press start to begin. The cleaning process will continue on its own. It is a substantial cleaning cycle that takes place automatically, with the machine pumping the cleaning solution back through the machine every few seconds. To clear the espresso machine manually, simply run the espresso machine 10 seconds on, and 10 seconds off 5 times to pump the cleaning solution through the machine. To rinse, repeat the same steps of the cleaning cycle without any cleaning solution to rinse the machine with water. In addition to back flushing, soak any spare parts in a Cafiza solution. Dissolve 3 grams of Cafiza powder or 1 Cafiza tablet in water. We’ll quickly remove the shower screen. It’s hot, so be safe and use a bar towel. Soak for 15-30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with water. It is important to clean the steam wand daily to prevent bacteria and protein build-up from the milk. Use 30 ml of Rinza and 500 ml of water. Soak for 15-30 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with water. Your espresso machine is now cleaned and ready to brew great tasting coffee again. It is important to backflush daily and sometimes even twice per day depending on frequency of use. Backflushing with Cafiza will eliminate coffee residue in group heads and machine lines. For more information, please visit www.urnex.com.

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Extend the life of your coffee shop’s espresso machines with Urnex Cafiza! By inserting 3 grams of Cafiza cleaner into your machine, you’ll clear the inner components of any residue and keep your fresh coffee tasting great.

Urnex 12-E31-UX100-12 Specs
Chemical Form Tablet
Ready-to-Use Yes
Type Espresso Equipment Cleaners

Urnex 12-E31-UX100-12 Details

Designed especially for use with espresso machines, Urnex 12-E31-UX100-12 Cafiza espresso machine cleaning tablets offer a concentrated formula that eliminates residue in group heads, valves, and machine lines for a more efficient machine and better tasting product. Integral to any daily back flush cleaning regimen, this product is simple to use and yet provides powerful cleaning results.

Cafiza tablets are listed by OMRI for use in organic production so you can use them in your eco-friendly business without worrying about losing organic status. Plus, the individual perfectly-sized tablets allow for easy portioning and prevent overuse.


For use with automatic espresso machines:
- Intended for daily use.
- Insert one Cafiza espresso machine cleaning tablet in machine opening and follow manufacturer's maintenance and cleaning instructions.

For use with traditional espresso machines:
- Insert blind filter in porta-filter and add one Cafiza tablet. Insert porta-filter into the group head.
- Activate the brew cycle for 10 seconds and then stop for 10 seconds. Repeat this step 5 times.
- Remove the porta-filter and activate the brew cycle. Rinse the porta-filter in the stream of water from the group head and then stop the cycle.
- Insert the porta-filter back into the group head and start the brew cycle for 10 seconds, then stop for 10 seconds. Repeat this 5 times.
- Make and discard a cup of espresso to ensure that no residue remains.

  • NSF Listed

    NSF Listed

    This item meets the standards imposed by NSF International, which focuses on public safety, health, and the environment.

  • Made in America

    Made in America

    This item was made in the United States of America.

  • OMRI Listed

    OMRI Listed

    This seal assures that this product is suitable for certified organic production, handling, and processing.

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    Machine Tablets espresso great CLEAN cleaning coffee job little night
    Very good and useful product. we received shipment on time, it took around one week to receive, this web site is working professionally, high security procedures, thank you .
    We are very impressed with this product. It is an easy product to use. Works just as well as the other cleaning product, we do like the tablet form. We recommend this product.
    These espresso machine cleaning tablets work wonders for our Mastrena machine. We run a cleaning cycle every night and every morning and it gets the job done. Highly recommend the tablets over the powder!
    Great product, a necessity to properly clean your espresso machine. We prefer the tabs over the powder just for the ease of loading it into the portafilter.
    These little tablets do a great job keeping the machine clean, running smooth, and producing great tasting coffee. Plus they’re a great price. We couldn’t operate without these little guys.
    We have a Franke Flair coffee / espresso machine that we use these tablets for each night. They clean out all the milk, water and other product residue that gets funneled through our machine and leaves water crystal clear. Highly Recommend at this low cost opposed to other quality brand tablets!
    Our espresso machine has seemed to work much better and get clogged a lot less often ever since we started using these Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets. We will not be purchasing anything else but rather sticking with these going forward. Such a good value.
    Love the convenience of these cleaning tablets! Way easier to use than the powder. No chance of over use which would cost more money. Easy as throwing It in and letting the machine work.
    Found this website to be the cheapest place to get these especially if you have a plus membership. We use these and these only to clean our espresso machine without a problem.
    These little tablets are great and do their job well. On top of using them every day for our espresso machine we also grind one up and throw it in the sink to soak the baskets and other espresso parts over night. They keep everything looking SO CLEAN and there is no coffee oils left. Love this product!
    You cant say enough about these tablets. Not only do they not contain toxic chemicals that require to thoroughly flushed before using but they have many uses. You can use them in many machines as we actually use them for our K-cup machine. Upon using one tablet, you could see the difference!
    We use these Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets for our Franke espresso machine. They work great and are perfect for our everyday use. They come in a decent size bottle for the price you pay. Can't beat it anywhere else!

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