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Discover T&S Brass

Discover T&S Brass

I help you save water. I help make cleaning more efficient. I help keep your kitchen running. I help provide reliability you can trust. At T&S, we provide commercial plumbing equipment for hundreds of applications. It all started inside a small New York garage back in 1947. Today, we're a global brand serving markets around the world. Our customers know us as a family-owned and operated company, and we still go by the same trusted name. T&S Brass and Bronze Works. For more than 60 years, the story of T&S has been one of growth, expansion, and innovation. After inventing the market's first pre-rinse unit in 1947, T&S quickly established itself as the industry's premier manufacture of foodservice plumbing products. Over the next 2 decades, our company expanded into new commercial plumbing markets, leading founder George Tyson to purchase property in South Carolina to accommodate a new, 80,000 sq. ft. plant. As growth continued, T&S opened facilities around the globe, including another manufacturing facility in Sheung Hei, China, helping to shape the company into the truly international brand it is today. Our track record of innovations speaks for itself, but our reputation for service is what sets us apart. With more than 10,000 interchangeable parts and the ability to quickly handle custom modifications in house, the experts of T&S are proud to deliver real solutions to customers every day. At T&S, taking care of customers at every step is our number one priority. Maybe that means getting orders out the door fast with our 24 hour quick ship, or assisting with design and engineering. And with our state-of-the-art contact center, we work directly with each customer to find the right solution. It's what we're all about. Many customers know T&S for a few must-have products, but we actually manufacturer thousands of plumbing solutions for every corner of today's commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. Clean your dishes, fill your pots, wash your hands, prep for surgery, prevent the spread of germs, get a high-power clean, connect with confidence, stay safe. Our customers are often surprised to learn the real depth of all we offer. The truth is, we've been serving every major market with an extensive product offering for years. When you look around, you'll find T&S is hard at work in more places than you might think. Restaurant, grocery, healthcare, hospitality, schools and education, convenience stores, pet care, prisons, commercial buildings, stadiums, cruise ships. At T&S, we know it takes more than an impressive product line to be an industry leader. It's about the total package, the right solutions, superior service, and doing business the right way. That's why we focus on quality at every turn. Our in-house testing actually exceeds national standards. We have 5 distinct inspection operations within our production process so each product is rigorously tested to ensure it's built to last. And, just as quality is a constant focus for our team, sustainability has become a leading consideration for customers, but that's hardly new to us. Whether it's pioneering low-flow faucets and fittings before they were widely used, implementing green operational practices, or making products made to last a lifetime, T&S has always been a leader in water and energy conversation, as well as responsible manufacturing. It has always been important to us, even if we didn't call it sustainability back then, all over our company, in all of our facilities, and in all of the products we offer, we build in the kind of efficiency today's market expects and demands. We've been offering sustainable solutions all along. With more than 60 years of experience under our belt, and a family-owned approach that continues to this day, our partnership with customers continues to be the foundation of the T&S experience. We grow, we innovate, we raise the bar, we listen, we provide the best solutions. That's what it means to work with T&S today and always.

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Learn how T&S Brass works to provide you with high-quality products and superior service! With over 60 years of experience, they have the plumbing solutions you need for your business.

T&S Hose Reels

T&S Hose Reels

When it comes to clean-up, there's nothing like a T&S hose reel to make life easier. Its powerful spray valve makes quick work of spills or even regular shift clean-up. Its rugged hose materials prevents kinks, and best of all, its retractable reel winds and unwinds the hose easily, keeping it out of the way, but always within close reach. Though many manufacturers offer hose reels, the range from T&S provides the highest quality, the most reliability, and a broad selection of features and benefits. We offer both open and closed designs, incorporating a smooth, rolled edge on our drums to keep hoses, or anything else from catching on them. We've engineered special roller guides to reduce hose wear and crafted the reel arm so that it can adjust to 8 different, convenient positions. Anti-lock-out is standard on all of our models, as is the finest in finishes: either stainless steel or our durable epoxy-coated steel. Even the T&S fittings are in a class by themselves -- with a brass swivel and a stainless steel shaft to ensure long life, as well as nitrile seals on the swivel and a containerized spring to safer replacement. At T&S, we always aim to make the finest, most innovative products we can. Just to be sure though, we put our hose reels through rigorous testing The results showed that T&S hose reels performed well in every single category, including spring life, structural strength, swivel life, paint finish, and hose life. We've even documented the strength and life tests. When we say reliability built-in, we mean it! We make installing a T&S hose reel simple. All our hose reels are sent to you with proper tension and in ready-to-install condition. You even have the option of choosing a mounting position after you've received your hose reels. Those options are wall mount, floor mount, and ceiling mount. And we include a mounting diagram that you can use as a template for pre-drilling holes. Ensure that your fastening location is suitable for holding the reel, and then attach the reel using the mounting position you've chosen. For maximum safety, always install a hose reel with 2 people. This eliminates the risk of holding a heavy reel while trying to attach it at the same time. Once the reel is mounted in place, connect the swivel inlet to its water source with flexible hose. While hose reels themselves, especially those from T&S, are quite solid, the inlet connection can be shaken or jarred during operation, and a flexible hose keeps those bumps from being the source of damage or leaks. In fact, if you use a hard pipe installation, it will void your warranty. Since back flow can contaminate the water supply, and since code now requires it, you must install the proper back flow prevention. We recommend the T&S B-0963 vacuum breaker unit, which provides superior back flow prevention for continuous pressure applications. And which also protects its surrounding areas with a patented, spill-resistant design. Should you ever need to replace the hose in your T&S hose reel, follow these simple instructions. First, disconnect the water supply. Pull the hose out to a locked position, and remove the bumper. Then, unlock the hose and release the tension from the reel. Remove the hose from the reel. Then, remove the 2 hose clamps. Next, disconnect the swivel. Take your new hose and apply Teflon tape to its swivel. Attach the hose to the hose reel swivel. Then, feed the hose through the slot and the drum. Tighten the hose clamps to the reel. Finish installing the hose onto the reel. To increase the tension, pull the hose out 1 or 2 full turns and lock it. Wrap those revolutions around the reel. This should be sufficient tension for normal operation. Finish by attaching the hose bumper to the hose. If you ever need to replace the swivel, follow these instructions. Disconnect the water supply, and remove all tension from the reel. Then, disconnect the hose that's attached to the swivel, and remove the swivel itself by loosening the hex end. Then, simply reverse that procedure by taking that new swivel, attaching it by the hex end, resetting the tension on your hose, and connecting the supply hose to your new swivel. T&S hose reels have a wide array of accessories that can optimize them for performance. A swing bracket allows your wall mount reel to move smoothly on an arc from side to side. A pivot bracket gives your floor or ceiling mounted reel flexibility of movement by allowing it to rotate or spin for maximum convenience. T&S hose reels are also engineered to work with a variety of spray valves. Many choose from a typical spray valve design, such is our model B-0107 and its low-flow model, B-0107-C. Others prefer our innovative, ergonomically-designed B-0108 valves, which include all of the performance of the standard spray valves with enhanced ease of use. However, we also offer 2 other options in spray valves: our MV series of water guns features a rugged, easy-grip body with either aluminum or stainless steel construction and a powerful water stream. For other applications, our extension spray valves are more appropriate, with their long-reach spray arm and on-the-go, adaptable spray head. No matter how you choose to customize your T&S spray reel, we offer the option to best fit your needs. Durable construction far beyond any other hose reel on the market, simple installation and maintenance -- that's reliability built-in.

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Make clean-up a breeze in your facility with a T&S hose reel! Easy to install and easy to use, each hose reel is built for superior reliability, delivering the most convenient product possible to suit your needs.

T&S Sustainability Where Blue Meets Green

T&S Sustainability Where Blue Meets Green

T&S offers truly sustainable plumbing solutions. The need for water conservation is a growing concern, as water is a precious resource. Businesses use a great deal of water, as shown here in this chart. The restaurant industry, educational facilities, hotels, hospitals, offices, and supermarkets all consume vast amounts of water. To cite numbers, restaurants use 7,736 gallons per day; educational facilities use 37,761 gallons per day; hotels use 5,531 gallons per day; hospitals use 47,250 gallons per day, offices use 27,675 gallons per day; and supermarkets use 7,703 gallons per day. That's a lot of water! Even so, these businesses are doing their part to conserve, and T&S has a way to help. It offers products for plumbing that are LEED certified and great for new constructions and renovations. Plumbing fixture fittings can even contribute to up to 4 LEED categories, including water efficiency, materials & resources, innovation, and regional priority. For the most point-earning power, choose low-flow products from a responsible manufacturer. T&S creates sustainable solutions with beneficial alliances and responsible manufacturing, where all corrugation, plastic shrink wrap, trays, and office paper are recycled and where 100% of the polishing dust is collected and re-purposed. Nearly 9,000 gallons of coolant is even recycled annually. Plus, 6% less electricity is consumed through new lighting, heating, and cooling efforts. Smart low-flow products include spray valves, aerators, sensor faucets, metering faucets, and ceramic faucets. T&S offers options to match flow rates with tasks and to eliminate waste. Saving water helps the planet and saves money. The cost of water, the cost of energy to heat the water, and the cost of sewage to dispose of the water is expensive. Small changes can add up. Reliable T&S products last for years, and fewer product replacements mean less waste. With T&S, you can enjoy a lower total lifecycle cost and more money in your pocket.

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Through easy water conservation efforts, you can save money in total operating costs, resulting in more money to invest in your business. From ceramic cartridges to aerators and spray valves, T&S offers a range of products engineered to help conserve water, save money, and promote overall efficiency.

T&S Complete Offering of Hose Reels

T&S Complete Offering of Hose Reels

Whether rinsing out equipment, washing down floors, or performing heavy-duty cleaning, hose reels are the most effective, convenient wash-down solution available. While more traditional options can present a variety of challenges, hose reels offer a host of benefits. For example, there is no need to manually wind a hose or fumble with mops or buckets. Hose reels help eliminate clutter and keep equipment neatly organized and accessible anytime. There's less risk of employees tripping. They're faster, easier, and more sanitary. Convenient access is easy, even overhead and in tight spaces, and hose reels are designed to last longer and clean well and are a better value over time. No matter the application, T&S hose reels offer a convenient and effective cleaning solution. T&S is proud to offer the broadest line of hose reels and accessories available. And all of our hose reels are designed and manufactured by T&S. Let's cover some of the basic considerations and choices when building the ideal hose reel for your facility. First, the reel series is an aesthetic choice between open and closed reels. Open reels allow visibility of the hose when retracted, as well as easy access for cleaning. Closed reels keep the hose out of sight when retracted. Next, consider your hose reel material. T&S offers highly durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, as well as epoxy-coated steel. T&S offers 4 hose lengths, ranging from 15 to 50 ft. The length of the hose should depend on the size of the cleaning area. It could be more efficient to install multiple hose reels for a particular space. T&S also offers choices in hose diameter, which determines your flow rate, in conjunction with existing water pressure and your choice of outlet device. T&S offers 3 diameters: 3/8", 1/2", and 3/4". An available range of outlet devices can help you tailor your hose reel system to your specific application, keeping in mind the size of the area and how the operator will hold the device. For multi-purpose use when cleaning out equipment or for general wash-down, choose the EB-0107 or the ergonomic B-0108H spray valve. For powerful wash-down of larger or more soiled areas, choose the ergonomic MV-2522 front trigger and the MV-2516 rear trigger or the MV-3516 aluminum rear trigger water gun. Also available is the EB-2322 extended spray wand, ideal for cleaning tiles and grout with its precise and broadly adjustable spray pattern. In addition to our standard models and configurations, T&S offers 2 specialty hose reel models: a 6 ft. compact, light-duty option and a 12 ft. compact, stainless steel option. Designed with versatility and easy operation in mind, the 6 ft. model features a reinforced 1/4" diameter hose for light-duty tasks. The 12 ft. model features an open design with a 3/8" diameter hose that's more pliable for maneuvering in tighter spaces. It's also perfect for undercounter installations. Both compact models are ideal for rinsing small equipment, such as combi ovens, dishwashers, and braising pans, or filling holding and warming tables with ease. Every non-specialty T&S hose reel model comes with an impressive array of standard features that ensure durability and ease of use. So, no matter which configuration you choose for your ideal hose reel, you can be confident that T&S has designed and manufactured a superior product that will meet your needs. Let's take a closer look at a few of the most important standard features. T&S hose reels feature extra protection around the hose outlet and facilitate full and free movement across a guide bushing, or rollers. This helps extend the life of the hose. Our hose reel mounting bases are engineered with extra holes and slots, making installations easier. A fully adjustable stop not only prevents complete retraction of the hose into the reel, it also gives users the option to select exactly how much hose length should hang for easy reach. Designed to eliminate excessive friction that can cause localized welding and splitting, a brass swivel spins freely on a durable, stainless steel shaft. An innovative ratchet pawl allows the hose to retract freely when fully extended, preventing inconvenient lock-outs, which can occur with competitors' models. In addition, the hose swivel allows 360 degree rotation of an outlet device to prevent additional stress on the hose. We also occur complete hose reel systems, including mixing valves, risers, shut-off valves, vacuum breakers, hose connections, and more. In order to get the most out of your hose reel and to keep your installation up to code, T&S offers an assortment of optional accessories. There are 3 types of mounting brackets: swing, pivot, and table leg, all designed to help increase the flexibility and reach of your hose reel. Swing brackets are ideal for wall-mount applications and allow movement from right to left. Our Easy Install model, shown here, makes it fast and simple for one person to install. Next, pivot brackets allow for 345 degree movement and are ideal for ceiling and tabletop applications. Table leg brackets allow the hose reel to swing under the table when not in use, helping to maximize space in smaller areas. Finally, we also offer vacuum breakers, mixing valves, shut-off valves, check-valves, and mounting kits. Hose reels offer key benefits that traditional wash-down solutions just can't match. Convenience, safety, efficiency, and versatility all across a wide range of facility types and usages, from janitorial work to restaurants, and from automotive uses to food processing. T&S is committed to providing the most comprehensive selection of hose reels on the market today and helping you configure the perfect hose reel for the job every time.

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Whether washing down food service equipment or cleaning the floors in your warehouse, you can benefit from the wide range of hose reels that T&S has to offer. Find out what options are available and what features come standard by checking out comprehensive video.

T&S Brass and Bronze Works B-1454 Specs
Length 35 Feet
Faucet Centers 8 Inches
Made in America Yes
Maximum Pressure 300 PSI
Style Open
Water Inlet Size 3/8 Inches

T&S Brass and Bronze Works B-1454 Details

This T&S B-1454 open 35' hose reel assembly includes everything you need for an all-in-one hose reel system, complete with exposed piping and accessories. Its B-7232-05 open epoxy coated steel hose reel includes a 3/8" I.D., 300 PSI, heavy duty 35' blue hose, ready for wall, ceiling, or under counter mounting. A MV-2522-24 5/16" front trigger water gun, and a heat-resistant handle provide superior control over spray flow.

No matter where you mount it, the hose reel's convenient ratcheting system will hold the length of the hose until a slight tug retracts it automatically. This hose reel assembly also includes a B-0674-BSTP wall mounted service sink faucet on 8" centers, as well as a B-1035 mixing faucet, on 8" centers. For excellent shut-off control, each unit is designed with a 0RK3 shut-off control valve and B-0963 vacuum breaker assembly.

Because this item is not stocked in our warehouse, processing, transit times and stock availability will vary. If you need your items by a certain date, please contact us prior to placing your order. Expedited shipping availability may vary. We cannot guarantee that this item can be cancelled off of the order or returned once it is placed.

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

  • Made in America

    Made in America

    This item was made in the United States of America.

  • CSA


    This item meets the standards imposed by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

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