A square cake cover protects your fresh-baked confections to keep them safe from contaminants as they sit on display. Made for an excellent balance of durability and clarity, a square cake dome is perfect for your merchandising, buffet, and self-serve areas to make sure food stays sanitary at all times. We offer covers that are great for general use, while others are sized to fit certain stands for a seamless, sleek appearance.

Ideal for a number of different foods, a square cake cover can keep any cooked or baked good safely on display at one time, including cookies, brownies, cupcakes, muffins, and other high-profit confections. Each cover comes with a convenient handle so you can easily place it over fresh-baked foods, and the base of every cover sits flush with your countertops or display stands to maintain sanitation. From bakeries to hotel breakfast lines and more, a square cake cover is great for merchandising your fresh confections.