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Product Overview

  • Compatible with a wide range of work tables and equipment stands
  • No brake for constant mobility
  • Mobility ensures equipment is easy to move aside for cleaning or service
  • Raises equipment or tables by 6"
  • Heavy-duty polyurethane design with a 300 lb. weight capacity
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This Regency 5" polyurethane caster helps turn any work table or equipment stand into a mobile work station.

It serves as a great replacement or non-brake option for heavy-duty applications and provides the versatility that a mobile table offers. Unlike a stationary table, it does not require multiple people to carry and relocate it for cleaning or maintenance; one employee can easily and quickly roll it aside whenever necessary.

Efficient Design

With a 300 lb. weight capacity, the caster is sure to meet a wide variety of commercial needs. This particular polyurethane caster is specially designed to offer smooth transportation to keep items on the surface of the table as still as possible, preventing any spills or falls. And because of its 5" diameter, it raises the equipment or table by 6", which can help lift the work area to a more comfortable, ergonomic height.

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Overall Dimensions:
5 Inches
Stem Diameter:
1 1/2 Inches
300 lb.

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Compatible Models 

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Equivalent Items 

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