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  • Maximum ventilation to reduce unpleasant odors
  • Corner tank optimizes interior space
  • Anti-slip floors to reduce falls
  • Hand washing sink is included
  • 60 gallon capacity tank; Recirculating tank conceals waste while conserving water
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PolyJohn Fleet Portable Restroom Assembly

PolyJohn Fleet Portable Restroom Assembly

Hello there. I'm Jamie, and I'm here with Mark and Tom, and we're going to show you how to assemble a static fleet unit. We have all our parts laid out ready to go. All these parts you would get in a small parts bag when you purchase your unit. We have our assorted small parts - fasteners and rivets and bolts and nuts, mirror, fly latch, slide-latch retainer, slide plate retainer, slide-plate, spring, door trim panel, cover, TP rod, handle... And then we have our tools over here: Phillips screwdriver, slotted screwdrivers, vice grips, hammer, our impact wrenches, and a drill with a 13/64 drill bit, and a pneumatic rivet gun. Now we have pneumatic tools. You could use a simple ratchet and 7/16 socket with a hand rivet gun that you would use as well, so you wouldn't need to use pneumatic tools. We're going to start off with assembling our rear panel and our rear extrusions together, making sure that the mitered ends are towards the top and that the smooth side is facing the interior of the unit. Simply slide the rear panel into the slot of the rear extrusion. We will not be riveting the rear extrusions at this time. We're simply putting rivets to hold them in place. Sometimes you'll find that the holes and the rear extrusions do not line up at the holes on the side panel and the rear panel; simply using the rear extrusion as a drill guide, you can drill through this hole and into your rear panel. And place that rear panel assembly off to the side. Now we're going to assemble our side panels to our rear extrusion. So you line up the side panel with the holes and then you simply reinsert the rivets, lining all 3 panels up together. Rivet in place using PC-000104 rivets. Insert your side panel into the slot of the rear extrusion, and line up the holes and rivet in place using the PC-000104 rivets. Sometimes the holes don't line up, so you might have to redrill the holes to get them to assemble correctly. So Tom is going to drill that hole out. Make sure you don't drill all the way through the rear extrusion. We're going to insert the side panel into the slot of the door jamb, and we'll line up that top hole of the side panel with the hole that's already drilled into the door jamb. Insert a rivet in there to hold it in position, and then slide the rest of the side panel into the slot. And Tom will then insert a rivet into the bottom hole. And then he's going to rivet that in place. Now, due to manufacturer tolerances, some of the holes may not line up. The bottom holes will need to be drilled out. That's what Tom is doing now. So since he's drilling and we have our side panel located into the door jamb, we'll finish drilling these all out. Again, rivet in place using the PC-000104 rivets. Insert our rivet in the top hole of the grab handle and into the second hole from the top, down, riveting to the bottom of the handle. Like we did with the other side, we're going to set the side panel into the door jamb, and rivet it in place after lining up the holes with a PC-000104 rivet. Now the bottom hole will have to be drilled out. And rivet your door chip in the center 2 holes that are located right by this spring area. We're going to want to take our sub assembly with our sides and front and rear and place it over our base. We're going to install the toilet seat at this time on the tank. Toilet seat installation is very straight forward. Simply insert the bolts through the holes and tighten down with the nuts. Insert our tank inside the unit. These are our bolts for the jamb to hold it to the base, so we have 2 short screws - they're 1 1/2" - and then we have the longer 2 longer, 3 1/2" long screws. The longer ones will go through the top holes, and then the short ones will go through the bottom holes. Now starting from the front of the unit, using a 7/16 socket... make sure to not over-tighten [the screws], otherwise you'll strip out the plastic. Remove the 3 rivets that were holding the rear extrusion on at this time. Place your screens on top of the side panel as shown. While holding the screens down, have another person place the roof over the top of the unit. Line the top of the roof into that rear extrusion. While holding down the roof, drill (3) 13/64 holes through just the roof - not all the way through the rear extrusion using the 104 rivets. Line the roof into the slot of the door jamb. While holding that roof down tight into position, drill the holes in the jamb and to the roof. Rivet in place using the PC-000104 rivet. Pushing out on the side panel and using the hole that's drilled into the top of the side of the guide, drill 4 holes up into the roof. Also drill out the hole for the screen at this time. With a PC-000100 rivet on the inside, and then on the outside place a PC-000106 fender washer with a PC-000121 washer on top of that. To hold the screen, that's held in place with a PC-000102 rivet and a back-up washer on the outside. From the outside of the unit, located the drill spots on the side panel, and with someone on the inside holding the tank into position, drill the tank using a 13/64 drill bit, 2 on the side and 2 through the rear panels. Using PC-000103 with back-up washers on the inside of the tank, we're going to rivet the tank into position. Using the dimples on the rear panel, we're going to drill out the 4 rivets that hold the TP dispenser onto the rear. Again, these holes are 13/64 size. Now, using the PC-000100 rivets, we're going to rivet on the outside with back-up washers held on the inside. Simply pull the urinal out from the tank. Insert the spout of the urinal into the hole that's in the top of the tank. Level the urinal out, and using a 13/64 drill bit, drill 2 holes to the center recesses and into the side panel. Rivet into position using the PC-000101 rivet with back-up washers on the outside. Insert the vent stack to the roof, and then down into position into the recess of the tank, making sure the vent stack is completely down inside the recess. Using a 13/64 drill bit, drill through the recess of the tank and into the vent stack. Rivet in place using a PC-000117 rivet. At this time, we're going to lay the unit on its rear. This could be laid completely flat on the ground or rested on a tank like we have here. Finish up the front jamb assembly to the base with PC-000123 washers and PC-000140 nylon lock nuts. Place the washer on the bolt and then the nut. Using a Phillips screwdriver, and a 7/16 socket or impact wrench, tighten into place. We're going to start assembling our door pieces together, and if you have an optional lock for your unit, the ability to lock the unit, Tom is going to show us how to assemble that in. Basically, there's a knock-out there, so take a screwdriver with a hammer and then in the center, give that a little pop. As we pop that out, we're going to install the lock by inserting it with the cam facing up towards the open area here, and then slip the nut over that, and tighten into position. We're going to insert the slide plate retainer with the decal facing up, with this being up, so we're going to insert that like that, and then insert your slide plate at this time. We're going to install our spring assembly at this time by simply inserting the cable through the hole that's drilled in the door using the claw of the hammer. We're going to pull the cable out, so we're going to do that by closing the door, inserting the hammer with the claw against the jamb for leverage. Open up the door, and then take a vice grip, make sure it's very tight, and clamp onto the cable where it comes out of the door. Insert the cable into the slot, open the door to release the pressure, and release the vice grip. Insert your PC-000157 metal screws and drive them through the slide retainer plate. Take your slide latch, position it behind the retainer as shown. Insert into the holes that are pre-drilled into the door. Place your door trim panel cover over and line up the screws with the holes in the door trim panel cover. You can adjust the tightness of the slide latch by tightening or loosening those screws. Now, using the PC-000143 screws, we're going to fasten the door trim panel to the door with the other 2 holes. We're going to install the mirror at this time. We'll show the protective covering on the back of the mirror. Place our classic fasteners through the holes in the mirror and into the door. We're going to want to install the TP rod and lock at this time. Simply slide the TP rod into the 2 holes and place the lock to the last hole of the rod into position. Thank you for watching our summary procedure of the fleet unit. Hope you enjoyed the video. Hope it was informative. Thank you to Tom and Mark for helping us out, and thank you for buying our products.

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A comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to assemble your Polyjohn portable restroom. Note: this unit ships assembled.

PolyJohn Portable Restroom Spring Replacement

PolyJohn Portable Restroom Spring Replacement

Hi, I'm Jamie and I am here to show you how to replace the spring assembly on your PJN3 unit. So if we open up the unit we will see inside we have our PC000800 spring assembly. Now the internal components of the spring assembly are not really replaceable, it is advisable to replace just the whole assembly it makes it so much easier. So where we start is basically by taking the spring assembly out of the unit, just simply push it back into the door like this, feel the retainer clip, and then pull this old spring out. Now we have our replacement spring assembly PC000800 and we are going to like we took out do the same thing we are going to put it into the door first and then we are going to push the cable through and the key is to guide the cable through the hole, taking a hammer with the claw on it and a vice grips we are going to grab the end of the cable and pry it against the door jam like that I'm holding the door with my foot and then clamp down on the cable like so, then we close the door slightly we will be able to guide the cable into that clip and you can see it releases the tension on the vice grips, release it and you are in business. Now if you need any more information about how to replace our spring or any other parts on out PJN3 unit feel free to visit our website and thank you for watching.

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Make sure the door on your PolyJohn unit remains working like new with a new spring assembly. In just a few simple steps you can have the spring assembly on your door replaced and ready for use!

PolyJohn Portable Restroom Screen Replacement

PolyJohn Portable Restroom Screen Replacement

Hi, I'm Jamie, I'm here with the PJN3 unit and I'm going to show you how to replace the screens in your side panels. What we are going to need to do this is a drill with a 13/64" drill bit, a vice grips, and then a rivet gun to reinstall the rivets with a person to help with this process. So I will start by going on the inside and taking my vice grips and clamping on to the inside of the rivet. Now the reason I am doing this is when I drill the rivets out from the outside of the unit the rivet could possible just spin and spin so in order to keep that from happening what I'll do is take the vice grips and clamp that on to the rivet and then I will go on the outside and drill this out. Now taking my drill with my 13/64" drill bit. Place your drill on the center of the rivet and go ahead and drill that rivet out. Now you hear the vice grips fall to the ground and we will repeat this process for the other 2 rivets. Now as your heard that vice grip falling, it is best to have a person on the inside helping you with this by holding that vice grips. You are also going to need a second person to help with the re-installation by holding the back-up washers. We are going to start by taking these screen out now that we got the rivets drilled out. Now if you are replacing just the one screen you only have to drill out the two rivets that are holding that screen in. To show we are going to pull both screens out. For re-installation you can see there is a wider part and a narrower part of the screen. We are going to take the wider part and place that toward the center of the side panels. And these just slide in as so. It's a little tight fit but not too bad which is good. And we will line up our center hold like this by overlapping the two screens and now we will reinstall the rivets. Now we are going to reinstall the screens using three PC000100 rivets and 3 PC000106 washers. Have somebody on the inside holding the washers while we rivet from the outside. Now I'm using a pneumatic tool but this can be used with a hand-rivet tool as well. Just rivet from the outside going in and the person on the inside will push the screens over the rivet, place the back up washer. And simply rivet in place and we will do the same thing for the other two rivets. And that does it! So if you'd like any more information about other products that we like to repair or other products in our product line please visit our website and thanks for watching.

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Get step-by-step instructions on how to replace the screens on your PolyJohn unit. Once you see how it is done, the screen replacement process is sure to be quick and easy.

PolyJohn Anti Siphon Port

PolyJohn Anti Siphon Port

Hi, I'm Jamie and I'm here to show you our new anti-siphoning tank. Basically, what this does is it replaces this hose that used to connect to the top of the three-way valve to the bottom of the sink and that was for your fresh water flush for your Fleets. This anti-siphon tank greatly reduced the possibility of siphoning from the sink into the tank. This product doesn't increase the price and comes standard on all our units beginning February 2018. If you'd like any more information about this product or any other products that we carry visit out website and thank you for watching.

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Designed to improve your Fleet units, this anti-siphoning tank helps increase the efficiency of your fresh water flush tanks. Now it comes standard on every Fleet unit, without a price increase, to keep your units working effortlessly!

PolyJohn Fleet Portable Restroom

PolyJohn Fleet Portable Restroom

Hi, I'm Jamie, I'm here to tell you about our Fleet unit that we offer. This is a top-end portable restroom. It features a nice sleek design. The dimensions of this unit are 91" tall, 47" wide, by 48" in length with this base, we do have another base available that features a 47" length. This unit features a store-trim panel which shows your open and in use occupancy decal. This also has an optional lock, this is on standard equipment however if you wanted to lock the unit to stop other people from using it you can do that with this. It also shows a male and unisex, this is also removable and reversible for show female. Inside the unit you will notice that we have 24% more interior floor space than any other restroom in its class. Again we have a large floor space which features 24% more floor space, a standard urinal here. We also have a ventilation system. These screen are hidden behind the roof to keep dirt to a minimum. We also have screens in the rear panel. Toilet paper dispenser. We have a grab handle for assistance. Now you can see our door features screens down here, a slide latch for locking on the side, and a mirror. This space features built in handles for easy maneuverability, runners that are standard 3 1/2" x 3 1/2". Also you can see we have plastic hinges on this unit to keep corrosion down. Another option to our fleet unit is this fully equipt fresh water flush Fleet. As you can see this unit features a sink, this stores your fresh water for flushing and for hand wash. Opening is very easy, simply insert something in here or do what I did and just push this in like this. You have your 20 gallons of fresh water capacity here, easily cleaned, this tank has 45 gallons of waste water capacity. Features a flapper valve to keep the visual of the waste inside. Flushing bowl. Toilet seat obviously. Foot pump, for flushing the waste tank and foot pump for hands free operation of the sink. We have an optional shelf here where you can put a purse or something also a coat hanger right here. TP dispenser which is standard. Soap dispenser, which has 30 oz. capacity, totally sealed unit. Also a paper towel dispenser that has a roll option also. This is removable and single pull towels can be used in this dispenser. We also have a convenience handle. The back of our fresh water flush Fleet has a hatch and there is a valve located back here that you can change from fresh wash to recirculating flush unit. Now if you'd like any more information about this product or any other product that we manufacture please visit our website and I thank you for your time.

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Check out this top-end PolyJohn Fleet portable restroom to add to your work area or event! Pair it with a fresh water flush Fleet unit to provide a nice hand-washing station for optimal sanitation.

PolyJohn FS3-2005 Specs
Length 47 Inches
Width 47 Inches
Height 91 Inches
Interior Length 43 Inches
Seat Height 19 1/2 Inches
Color Gray
Made in America Yes
Tank Capacity 60 gal.
Type Portable Restroom

Customer questions about this product

How many portable restrooms and sinks do I need for my commercial job site or event?
Every job site and outdoor event is different. The duration and number of attendees are the biggest factors determining how many portable restrooms and sinks are necessary.

For commercial work sites, it is recommended to have 1 portable restroom for every 10 workers.

For other outdoor events, see the downloadable Restroom and Sink Estimator in Resources and Downloads.
Is it normal that there are slight variations in color of this portable restroom roof?
This is quite normal and not a sign of poor quality control. Due to how the various materials are manufactured from PolyJohn's suppliers, there may be some slight variations in the tint. These variations will bleach out over time. How quickly they disappear will depend on the amount of sunlight and weathering the unit receives.
Does this portable restroom come fully assembled?
Yes, this portable restroom comes fully assembled unless otherwise stated on the purchase order.
Can this item fit through a standard height 80" doorway?
Due to the height of this item, it may not be able to fit through a standard 80" tall doorway when standing upright. Please consider the best means of entry before purchasing, or measure your entryway to ensure that you will be able to bring your order inside if the item cannot be carried on its side.
Ask your own question!

PolyJohn FS3-2005 Details

Easy to clean portable toilets are an essential addition to any outdoor event. Offer your guests the best with this PolyJohn FS3-2005 Fleet pewter premium portable restroom with recirculating flush tank. With its lightweight, compact, and sturdy design, this portable restroom sets the standard for the sanitation industry. A recirculating flush tank offers a strong swirlpool flush, concealing waste by the use of a weighted flapper valve. Since it recirculates the water, this tank also conserves water when compared to a freshwater flush tank.

With 24% more interior floor space than comparable models, this portable restroom offers ample room for amenities and is great for parents with children who require assistance or workers who need room to set down tool bags. Additionally, the unit comes with a non-splash corner urinal and sink to wash your hands. You can also install a dump valve on this unit, giving you the option to connect toilet waste to a holding tank.

This portable restroom is the perfect choice for concerts, fairs, or any other outdoor event. Because this unit comes equipped with a sink, you don't have to worry about making a separate purchase and guests can freshen up after using the restroom! The tough construction inside and out is ideal for commercial worksites too. For optimal interior lighting, the roof is made from a translucent plastic. Best of all, the sleek interior and exterior surfaces make cleaning quick and simple while the floor is non-slip to prevent falls.

Each portable restroom includes a ventilation pipe to keep odors and unpleasant smells minimized inside the portable restroom too. On the door, there is an occupancy signal latch that lets you know if the unit is currently in use. This portable restroom even has a place for decals so you can label them with your business's logo.

PolyJohn sets the standard for the sanitation industry and is the leading manufacturer of portable restrooms. Their products are made for high traffic areas such as commercial worksites, festivals, and fairs. Most importantly, each PolyJohn is designed to be easy to clean and maintain. Regardless of where you need them, PolyJohn's products are built to withstand years of use.

This item ships fully assembled.

Overall Dimensions:
Exterior Length: 47"
Exterior Width: 47"
Exterior Height: 91"
Interior Length: 43
Interior Width: 45 1/2"
Seat Height: 19 1/2"
Holding Tank Capacity: 60 gallon

This Item Ships via Common Carrier. For more information and tips to help your delivery go smoothly, click here.

Because this item is not stocked in our warehouse, processing, transit times and stock availability will vary. If you need your items by a certain date, please contact us prior to placing your order. Expedited shipping availability may vary. We cannot guarantee that this item can be cancelled off of the order or returned once it is placed.

Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning

  • Made in America

    Made in America

    This item was made in the United States of America.

  • Fully Assembled

    Fully Assembled

    This item arrives fully assembled, and requires no additional assembly prior to use.

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