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  • Perfect for heavy-duty knife sharpening in restaurant and catering kitchens
  • Designed to sharpen straight edge and serrated knives
  • Revolutionary, 3 stage system
  • 100% diamond abrasives for long product life
  • Creates a pinpoint, like-new edge every time
  • Small size allows it to fit on countertops for easy access
  • Precision angle guides that eliminate all the guesswork of manual sharpening
  • Easy to clean
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Keep every knife in your kitchen ready to use with the Mercer M10000 Triple Diamond 3 stage electric knife sharpener.

Both simple and convenient, this heavy-duty knife sharpener is the perfect solution for your dull kitchen knives. Since a dull knife is a dangerous knife, having a quick, convenient, fool-proof way to sharpen knives is essential to the safety of your kitchen staff. This sharpener is extremely easy to use so that minimal training is required for employees to be able to maintain your knives.

  • NSF Listed

    NSF Listed

    This item meets the standards imposed by NSF International, which focuses on public safety, health, and the environment.

  • Made in America

    Made in America

    This item was made in the United States of America.

  • UL Listed

    UL Listed

    This item has been tested and meets safety standards imposed by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Straight or Serrated Blades

Not only does it restore blades in seconds, this versatile, electric sharpener is designed to sharpen both straight edge and serrated knives.

Diamond Abrasives

It also features 100% diamond abrasives for long product life. With these more durable abrasives, you can be sure the unit will last longer, even when used frequently.

Precision Guide

Boasting a helpful precision guide, this sharpener helps keep knives in the ideal position to achieve the best results and sharpest edge.

3 Stage Sharpening

This electric sharpener has a 3 stage sharpening process that ensures a pinpoint, like-new edge each time. Stage one is generally used for knives that are extremely dull or have not been sharpened in a long time. For just maintaining a knife and putting a quick edge back on, stage two is ideal. Stage three is the strapping stage which takes off any burrs for a smooth, razor sharp edge.

Easy to Clean Out

This model can easily be cleaned by pulling out the cartridge and wiping off the magnet that collects blade shavings.

Small, Compact Design

Its sleek and durable exterior complements any kitchen's decor and its small size allows it to fit on countertops for easy access.

Customer Q&A Ask a Question

Can this knife be washed in a dishwasher?
No, hand washing with soapy water and sanitizer solution is always recommended. When placed in a dishwasher, the process will often rust and cause damage to the edges of the blade.

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Mercer: How to Clean and Store Knives

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Mercer Electric Knife Sharpener

A Mercer electric knife sharpener provides great results with the added convenience of speed and consistency! To learn how this sharpener helps you achieve the best edges on your blades, check out this short video.

Mercer Triple Diamond Electric Knife Sharpener

Check out this video and learn how easy it is to sharpen your serrated or straight-edge knives with this Mercer Triple Diamond electric knife sharpener. For dull knives or just ones that need to be tuned up, this sharpener is what you need!

Grasp the knife by the handle allowing your thumb and index finger to rest on the blade for support. Before handling a knife, put a light to medium duty cut resistant glove on the hand opposite of the hand that holds the knife. The glove will stay on the hand until the knife has been cleaned and properly stored. Use the right knife for the right job. Keep it sharp.

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Place the blade of the knife on the flat surface with the edge facing away from your body. Flip the knife and wipe the other side of the blade as well. Dip the knife in the solution and then take it out. Using a cloth soaked in the hot water solution, scrub the blade of the knife. Do it very lightly to prevent scratches. After you have removed visible dirt from the blade of your knife, clean the handle with soapy water. Rinse the knife thoroughly under running water. Dry the knife by using a clean dishtowel. Wash kitchen knives immediately after using them so that the food does not dry on their blades. It is never accepted to place your knife in a drawer without a plastic guard. Make sure that knives lying on flat surfaces are never covered with towels or napkins. After handling a knife, lay it down in a clear area with the blade and point away from the body and away from the edge of the table or cutting area. A knife guard is a rigged plastic sleeve that fully encloses the blade. A glass knife block sits on the counter offering convenient access when working and when safely putting knives away. A magnetic bar is a wall mounted magnetic bar design to hold knives firmly in place.

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Many chefs like the convenience, speed, and results of an electric sharpener. With little to no pressure, pull the knife once through the left slot of stage one. Sharpen the entire blade length. For an 8" blade, each pull should take about 4 seconds. Pull shorter blades through in 2 – 3 seconds and longer blades in 6 seconds. Use the same procedure in stage two as is shown in stage one. Pull the blade once through the left slot of stage two and once through the right slot. In general, only one or two pairs of pulls in stage three will be necessary to obtain a razor sharp edge. As in stages one and two, make alternate pulls in left and right slots, pull the knife through the slots at the same speed used in stages one and two.

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Introducing the Mercer Triple Diamond knife sharpener. A three-stage sharpener able to handle both serrated and straight-edged blades. Made in the USA and NSF Certified. Be sure to read all instructions included. Always use a clean knife when sharpening. Before you turn on the power, be sure to remove the cover over stage one. Insert the knife into stage one on the left side starting with the heel end first. Drag the blade through at a rate of two inches per second. About four seconds for an 8” blade. Repeat the process on the right hand side of stage one. No matter what kind of blade you’re sharpening, whether it’s a straight-edge knife or a serrated blade, excessive pressure or twisting of the blade will not speed up or help the sharpening process. Stage one is generally used for knives that are extremely dull or have not been sharpened in a long time. If you are just maintaining the knife, and putting a quick edge back on, skip right to stage two. You will then repeat the process with stage two, left side first, same rate of speed, and then followed by the right hand side of stage two. Continue on to the strapping stage of stage three, a fine polymer disc takes the burr off the blade; gives it a razor sharp edge. Never submerge the M10000 knife sharpener into liquids, water, or cleaning solutions. A damp rag is all you need to clean the unit. The dressing tool on the front of the sharpener will clean the fine polymer disc in stage three. Unlike most knife sharpeners on the market, the M10000 uniquely sharpens serrated blades. Sharpening on serrated blades can be obtained by simply dragging the knife through the third stage slowly. Again, two inches per second. 5-10 sets of pulls through the third stage should bring back a razor sharp serrated knife. Bread knives, utility knives, and even steak knives can be sharpened on the M 10000. Repeat the process 5-10 times per side for serrated knives. If you’re in need of sharpening a damaged serrated knife, a quick pull through the left side of stage two, followed by a quick pull through the right hand side of stage 2, then moving along to stage 3, 5-10 sets of both the left and the right hand side on the fine polymer disc of stage 3 should bring back a razor sharp edge on a serrated blade. Cleaning the M10000 is as easy as pulling out the cartridge on the bottom and cleaning the magnet that collects the shavings. This can be done once a month. Mercer cutlery is here to help. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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Overall Dimensions:
  • Length: 10 Inches
  • Width: 4 1/2 Inches
  • Height: 4 1/2 Inches

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Mercer Culinary M10000

Spec Sheet Specsheet Warranty Warranty Knife Washing Guide Care Instructions

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall User Rating: Mercer Culinary M10000 Triple Diamond 3 Stage Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

    4.8 stars from 18 reviews


    People Talk About:

    knives sharpener knife sharpen easy sharp sharpens edge sharpened great
    Mercer knife sharpener is well worth the investment. Restores a knifes edge to better than factory. I would highly recommend this product.
    I just received this machine today. I was so excited to use it. I was happy to find that the machine is ready to use right out of the box - just plug and sharpen. I used the sharpener on a couple serrated edges and one flat edge. All of the blades are remarkably sharper. I cannot speak to the longevity of the machine or how it holds up, but my first impressions are great.
    This is OK. I have it and still use it even though it kind of damages the sides of my knives. For the price I do regret not just getting whetstones and learning how to get what would end up being a sharper edge but this is convenient so I'm willing to pay the price. The rubber guides are sometimes hard to figure out how to engage the sharpening on the heel of the blade at times and I've noticed after long-term usage that I'm cutting into the rubber a but as I pull but it doesn't seem to affect performance at all.
    this electric knife sharpener is doing its job perfectly, since i bought my life is easier at the kitchen no more wasting time or destroyed tomatoes
    Nothing worse or more dangerous than trying to cut things with a dull knife! Simple to use and keeps our knives in much better shape. Not the best unit out there but its simplicity and price make it a great option for the average kitchen.
    I have to sharpen a lot of knives and i could not imagine doing it by hand. this machine has been a life saver and brings a really nice edge to my knives.
    So far so good, we started buying our own knives last year and haven't looked back, i expected more from this sharpener but i'm sure i'll get better as time goes by, not quite as sharp as Cozzini but i'm getting there.
    I have used this unit for over a year now and this sharpener works great. I sharpen my knives every two weeks (or more if the help roughs them up) and it keeps a good edge on even my cheap knives. Much safer than dull knives and injured employees.
    I had a bunch of kitchen knives that were badly beaten up and dull. This let me sharpen ten or so cheap knives in like 20 minutes, and gave them a good edge.
    I love this electric knife sharpener. It's so easy to use and it's faster than sharpening it by hand. You can also sharpen three knifes at once
    This sharpener is excellent. It pairs especially well with the entire set of mercer millennia knives we purchased. The sharpener is extremely easy to use and leaves a razor sharp edge on the blades. The only downside is the small magnet it uses for catching the metal shards needs to be cleaned often.
    With this product, you will never have to send your knives out to be sharpened again. It will save you a lot of money in the long run. It keeps your knives sharpened for weeks on end with high usage.
    I have always outsourced our knife sharpening, but never again! This unit is so easy to use and really does a great job of getting even the really dull knives super sharp!
    Really easy to use. I love how sharp it makes my knives and how long they stay sharp. It is electric so it makes it easy to use
    We are very happy with the Mercer M10000 Triple Diamond 3 Stage knife sharpener. It does a great job and speeds up efficiency and beats using a manual sharpener.
    F fantastic I love it this thing sharpens knife like a razor blade. Kind of expensive but well worth it. Even sharpens serrated knife blade
    We replaced a different brand with this knife sharpener and we are very happy with the ease of use and the sharpness of our knives. It is everything we expected and will purchase more for our other restaurants.
    This is something I should have bought years ago. Sharpens all knives perfectly. I have expensive knives I quit using because they were so dull. This sharpener has brought them back to life!

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