• 5 lb. supply
  • Unwrapped
  • Can be chopped up, blended for milkshakes, and more
  • Can also be used for decorating
  • Great for bakeries, ice cream shops, and catering
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Create premium ice cream sundaes, cupcakes, and other desserts with these bulk unwrapped KIT KAT® candy bars.

Owned by The Hershey Company, KIT KAT® combines light and crispy wafers with a smooth and creamy milk chocolate coating. They have a long and rectangular shape that can be used for snacking or for decorating cakes and other special treats. Since these KIT KAT® bars are unwrapped for quicker foodservice preparation, they can easily be chopped up into halves, quarters, or any size you desire

  • Made in America

    Made in America

    This item was made in the United States of America.

Versatile Treat

Get creative with these unwrapped KIT KAT® bars. Crush them up for a tasty sundae topping, or blend them into a signature milkshake. Offer KIT KAT® bars at your soft serve or frozen yogurt bar so your patrons can add just the right amount of flavorful ice cream toppings to their dishes. They're also great for serving alongside other candies, chocolates, and confections at your buffet. The sweet combination of flaky wafers and milk chocolate is also perfect for baking. Add something new to your menu and make cookies, cupcakes, cheesecakes, brownies, or pies with these KIT KAT® bars.

Hershey Foodservice Brand

As a beloved HERSHEY'S® brand, KIT KAT® products are a valuable addition to your menu! Hershey Foodservice is a leading North American manufacturer of chocolates, confections, toppings, and baking products. It all started with Milton Hershey, who began producing milk chocolate in 1905 in the town that now shares his name. Though chocolate was once a luxury for the rich, Milton Hershey helped make it more accessible and affordable for everyone, and Hershey's Foodservice products are now known the world over. Hershey, Pennsylvania is known as Chocolate Town USA and for good reason; as soon as you offer Hershey's Foodservice products at your business, your customers will recognize a brand that stands for nothing less than quality, freshness, and great taste!

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What is the best way to store baking chips & add ins / ice cream toppings?
This product should be stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight and should be protected from moisture.
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  • Package Size:5 lb.

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Customer Reviews


Purchasing these Kit Kats already unwrapped and chopped up saves us a lot of time. They are fresh and delicious in ice cream. I recommend purchasing these during cooler months if you live in a warmer state.

Heidi A. from Icream Cafe Frisco on 07/10/2020

You can't go wrong with using Kit Kats for toppings on shaved ice, ice cream, frozen yogurt and more. By buying this package you're able to have the convenience of filling up a container quickly and then going on to what your next task is.

John from The Soda Hole on 06/30/2019

I love the bulk candy options that are offered! These kit-kat bars are a great value. They arrived well packaged and most were in whole sections.

Kimberly W. from No-Rea LLC on 06/17/2019

KIT KAT bars, made by the Hershey company, come in bulk and unwrapped. They can easily be chopped, cut, or crumbled to use as a dessert topping. The cookie and chocolate combination is a favorite and will be welcomed by your guests.

Andi T. on 04/12/2019

So cool that you can buy these kit Kats in bulk and also all unwrapped. These are great for baking and if you intend on chopping them up anyways. if you're buying these to use as a aesthetic topping then I could choose to go with the wrapped ones.

Paulina L. on 03/04/2019

We received on time our order, they came with cold packages, so they did not come melted and they did not come broken, the flavor is delicious, the price is incredible, we are a frozen yogurt and we sell by weight, so this is a good deal for us, you just have to storage them very good so it won't get stale.

Angela on 02/07/2019

I finally found a company who sells unwrapped bulk kit kat's. I use to put off making anything that called for kit kat's because I hated to have to unwrap all the wrappers...but now i don't have to, I can just cut them up as big or small as i need them and add them to my recipe or smoothie, cookies, and I can not forget they are awesome on top of ice cream! I also just eat them right out of the container.

Sandra G. on 08/21/2018

We were thrilled to find a large case of unwrapped Kit Kat candy bars for our bakery. We usually have to unwrapped pack after pack when making out kit kat cheesecake. The find is awesome and we will buy again.

Emmie L. on 08/13/2018

The 5lb Kit Kat unwrapped bars are the best for bulk & price. We use these in our store for our ice cream. We love that we don't have to waste time unwrapping each of them and that they are still in bigger sizes so that our customers can easily grab them and stick them in their ice cream cups. Delicious and a great price!

Caroline M. on 03/22/2018

There isn't a lot of good tasting Kit Kat for toppings out there unless you buy a bunch of small bags of Kit Kat minis. These though, they come unwrapped and we just chop them up ourselves. Had a box delivered in 90 degree weather once and came melted. Webstaurant replaced them promptly!

Brian M. from Shivers Frozen Custard on 02/05/2018

Awesome find an buy. No more unwrapping them. Great tasting and perfect for garnishing our kit kat milkshakes. Great flavor and great quality candy bar.

Chris L. on 02/03/2018

While this may seem like a lot of money to spend on 1 topping, you sure do get a lot. Plus, there is nothing that even comes close to replicating kit kats.

Paul S. on 02/02/2018

The Kit Kat unwrapped bulk bars are a great buy and they taste wonderful. A perfect garnish for our specialty sundaes and shakes. They are well packaged.

Dean P. from Country Fresh Snacks on 01/26/2018

These kit kat bars do come unwrapped, however that is exactly what we needed. Our customers love putting this topping on their ice cream and frozen yogurt.

Chris M. on 12/14/2017

The unwrapped bulk bars of KIT KATS are really great. We make a kit kat pie and these are perfect. They were well packaged and very few broke during shipment. Pleased.

Gary from Price Proudce on 12/06/2017

A wonderful topping for ice cream or frozen yogurt that everyone will enjoy. The Kit Kat unwrapped is also great for making kit kat cakes.

Jo P. on 10/24/2017

Your customers will be asking you to give them a break of the sweet Kit Kat bar which comes in 25 lb and will work well with recipes for milkshakes and cheesecake

Nicholas R. on 09/19/2017

A wonderful buy on unwrapped kit kats that save us a lot of time unwrapping them individually. They are perfect for making kit kat cakes.

Jonathan P. on 09/05/2017

I love kit kat bars so much. When I get a craving, I don't want to stop eating them. With 5 lbs of them around stopping would be hard!

Boone on 08/31/2017

These kit kats are awesome with vanilla ice cream you have the chocolate and crunch. I will definitely recommend you to buy this. It is worth the money

Lalit P. from Foxland Market on 07/19/2017

Kit kats have an awesome flavor. They are very light because of the wafer center but they can still cure a sweet tooth. I love eating the chocolate off of the sides then dividing the wafers and eating them separately. I can savor it that way.

Linda S. on 06/16/2017

Chocoholic here 5 lb. KIT KAT® Unwrapped Bulk Bars I use these to snack on and I use it to top my ice cream but mostly as a snack

Juanell P. from Powerquee Media on 05/22/2017

This as a great price for Kit-Kat bars. They are broken up a little but they taste great. These bars make a great addition to an ice cream Sunday bar.

Robert H. on 02/12/2017

Our kids go through KitKats very fast. They eat them as a treat, but we have also made icecream with them, and used them as an icecream topper. I love that you can buy in bulk and get many uses out of products from here.

Anna M. from Dream Thread LLC on 01/13/2017

What more can I say about 5 pounds of broken Kit Kats they are delicious and worked great for making ice cream and using as a topping for ice cream and the price was fantastic from the webstaurantstore

Mike R. on 11/29/2016

We use to spend a lot of time in unwrapping and breaking up our kit kat bars we had to buy in bulk. But after finding this 5 lb. bag of kit kat bars already unwrapped we are one step closer to getting them broken and on our toppings bar a lot faster. Saves us a lot of time and headache on those busy days when we don't have a lot of time to waste unwrapping them!

Jamen M. from Miller Enterprise LLC on 09/23/2015

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