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If you run a coffee shop or ice cream shop, then DaVinci has just the flavoring syrups that you need. From classic caramel and chocolate syrups to more exotic blueberry and KAHLUA® vanilla rum syrups, you can use these coffee flavoring syrups for more than just coffee. Create a new signature sundae with these wholesale ice cream toppings, or stir up a fancy Italian soda. DaVinci even offers hospitality mints and candies, so guests can feel fresh after enjoying their coffee.You can make a hot-selling seasonal treat with our selection of DaVinci pumpkin spiced and white chocolate flavored coffee flavoring syrups. Add a drizzle of peppermint, amaretto, toasted marshmallow, or English toffee to lattes and frappuccinos with these DaVinci syrups to turn an ordinary coffee drink into something spectacular.