Dinnerware & Meal Delivery

Choose from our selection of dinnerware and meal delivery products to serve each of your patients in a safe and efficient manner.

Emergency Medical Supplies

Stay prepared for any medical emergency that could occur in your workplace with our selection of emergency medical supplies. 

Biohazard Management & Disposal

Our biohazard management and disposal products include lab freezers and disposable healthcare bags so that you can manage biohazards. 

Medical Sinks & Fixtures

Maintain a sanitary environment in your healthcare facility by shopping from our selection of medical sinks and fixtures.

Bed & Bath Linens

Our bed and bath linens include towels, pillowcases, and bedding so that your customers can rest comfortably while they are treated. 

Disposable Medicine Cups

Easily administer certain medicines to your patients with our selection of disposable medicine cups. 

Medical Carts

Transport medical supplies throughout your facility with ease by investing in our selection of medical carts. 

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Healthcare Equipment Covers

Keep your concentrators, ventilators, and LOX systems safe from dirt and other contaminants with our healthcare equipment covers. 

Exam Room Flags

Exam room flags promote privacy by clearly signaling the status of a particular room.

Personal Protective Equipment

Our selection of personal protective equipment includes protective eyewear, clothing, and footwear so that you can keep your staff and patients safe. 

Medical Scales

Accurately track the height and weight of your patients by investing in our selection of medical scales. 

Employee Management and Compliance Forms

Educate, notify, and warn your staff of changes or hazards in the workplace with our employee management and compliance forms. 

Medical Stools

Complete your office, waiting room, or examination room by investing in our selection of medical stools. 

Lobby Furniture

Design a comfortable and inviting lobby area for your guests by shopping from our selection of lobby furniture. 

By having the proper healthcare supplies in your hospital, nursing home, or retirement community, you’ll be able to complete your daily tasks more efficiently. Whether you’re looking for items for your patients or products for cleaning and sanitizing, we have you covered. It’s also convenient that many of our supplies are disposable for quick and easy cleanup. For other great products to have for your business, check out our sauce pots and stock pots, serving utensils, and kitchen spoons.

Keep Hospitals, Clinics, and Nursing Homes Clean and Organized with Our Massive Selection of Hospital Supplies

Make sure your healthcare or elderly care facility has all the supplies you need to keep your doctor’s office, rehabilitation center, or nursing home staying clean, sterile, and well-maintained. These types of establishments need extra-special care when dealing with cleaning supplies, organization, and refrigeration equipment since patients here are the most susceptible to germs and airborne contaminants.

With such a huge selection of healthcare supplies like dinnerware, hand sanitizing stations, and food preparation supplies, we’re sure to have everything you need to keep medical offices and other facilities as organized as possible. Some of the most frequent items you’ll find in the healthcare industry include gloves, first aid supplies, commercial paper towels, all purpose cleaning chemicals, pharmacy refrigerators, and food delivery systems.

Need products for your hospital restrooms? Our automatic soap dispensers are perfect to help stop the spread of germs, along with hands-free sinks that are the ultimate in healthy hand hygiene. We also have all the dishwashing soap, surface disinfectants, and laundry products that you need to keep hands and equipment sterile. When it comes time to prepare meals for patients, our kitchen supplies and healthcare dinnerware provide exceptional food handling safety, such as color-coded cutting boards that are great for alerting staff of patients’ allergens.

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