Other Available Finishes:

  • Perfect solution to uneven floors and wobbly tables
  • Automatically adjusts to any surface within seconds
  • Remains stable on any surface
  • Allows you to align multiple tables perfectly
  • Made of high-quality cast iron
  • Sleek black finish
  • Holds table tops up to 30" square or round with a maximum weight of 35 lb.
  • 3" diameter post
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FLAT Tech’s CT2007 22” x 22” auto adjustable black table base always provides your guests a sturdy place to dine.

Capable of adapting to uneven flooring, the FLAT Tech CT2007 22” x 22” auto adjustable table base brings unmatched leveling abilities to your restaurant, diner, or coffee shop. This product is designed to automatically adjust to changes in the floor whenever it’s moved, so you can rearrange your dining room without worrying about your tables sitting unevenly. Additionally, this FLAT Tech table base is crafted from cast iron with a textured black finish that offers a classic look in any business.

FLAT Technology

This table base features patented hydraulic technology, including a specialized actuator device and undercarriage, that allows you to simply set your table in place. The innovative FLAT technology will automatically adjust to uneven floors, so you never have to worry about wobbly tables.

Sturdy Design

Thanks to the sturdy top plate and strong structural tension rod, this table base is designed to securely hold table tops and provide outstanding support for your food and beverages.

Cross-Shaped Base

This product features a cross-shaped base that keeps your table balanced, so you don't have to worry about tilting.

Floor Glides

This table base features floor glides to help protect your floors from damage and adjust for uneven surfaces.

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FLAT Tech Table Demonstration

Improve customer experience and protect your brand by investing in FLAT Tech tables! With sensors that constantly adjust to the surface below, you can trust that your restaurant or bar will never have wobbly, misaligned tables again.

Flat Tech Table Bases

Educate yourself on what sets FLAT table bases apart from the competition. Say goodbye to wobbly tables and customer complaints with FLAT technology!

FLAT Tech Table Assembly

Keep your tables from wobbling by watching this FLAT Tech table assembly instruction video. Requiring only the most basic tools, you’ll have sturdy tables to be used for a variety of purposes every time!

What if you could improve your customer experience and profits at the same time? What if you could increase return business and make even better use of your existing space? If the customer experience and your brand reputation are important to your business, then welcome to FLAT technology. You might think you are looking at an ordinary table, but you’re not. You see, this table is really quite special. Because this table base is equipped with our award winning FLAT technology. FLAT solves two everyday problems. It automatically stabilizes and allows you to easily align table tops in a way that’s never been done before. Let me give you a demonstration. This is an ordinary table. The kind of table you’d find in a typical restaurant. What I’m going to do is place this wedge under the feet and to simulate an uneven surface. And there you have it, a very annoying, wobbly table. One of the common and costly complaints in the food service industry, worldwide. Now, let’s do the exact same thing, but this time, use a table fitted with FLAT technology. Flat is always on, constantly sensing and adjusting to the surface below. Now if I slide the table off the wedge, it stabilizes instantly and automatically. What’s more, FLAT allows you to perfectly align the table tops, a truly unique feature exclusive to FLAT. So when catering to larger groups, this makes pushing tables together as simple as pushing two tables together. Here’s what else FLAT brings to the table. It eliminates customer complaints about wobbly tables. Because your staff no longer spends time steadying tables, they work more efficiently, and you can generate new sales by using areas of your restaurant like the balcony, deck, patio, or even warped sections that aren’t used on your dining room floor. Whether it’s in one restaurant or across an entire chain, consistency and customer experience are critical. Wobbly and misaligned tables become a significant brand risk and fixing them becomes an enormous savings opportunity. So loose the napkins, bottle corks and coasters that are propping up your tables and damaging your brand. At FLAT, we make a full range of standard and bar height table bases. FLAT table bases are available nationwide. Call 1-855-999-3528 or visit www.FlatTech.com. With our technology, the world really can be flat.

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Seating guests at a wobbly table is an unimpressive welcome and sitting at one can be downright irritating! If you’re looking for new table bases, then look no further than FLAT Tech table bases. FLAT table bases eliminate the wobbles caused by uneven surfaces, improving your guests’ dining experience. FLAT Tech table bases use multi-award-winning hydraulic technology, that automatically stabilizes the table and maintains the stability no matter how many times the table is moved. The technology is located in the base of the table and requires no manual adjustment or maintenance. Just focus on serving your customers and the FLAT Tech table bases will keep your tables stable. Imagine pushing together tables for a large party of guests and being able to easily align the table tops in seconds. This flexibility is a reality with FLAT Tech and is an invaluable addition to any dining room. Simply lift or tilt the table tops to the same level to create a smooth alignment across the adjoining surfaces. No more stuffing unsightly napkins or wedges under tables. No more wasting time setting up unstable tables every day. And no more paying for bobbled beverages or spilt meals because of an uneven dining surface! FLAT Tech is a no-brainer for anyone who appreciates technology that does the work for you and does it well. Keep your customers happy by choosing between our 50 table base style options. Whether you choose a table base for use inside or out, FLAT Tech table bases ensure that your business is a welcoming place to sit and eat. So stop customer complaints about your tables once and for all by using tables bases from FLAT Tech. Want to stabilize your existing tables? Then check out FLAT Equalizers as an easy retrofittable solution for your business.

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Hi, thanks for watching this base assembly video. I’m going to show you the simple steps to assemble a base correctly. First of all we’ve got the components in front of us. The first thing is that we’ve got an assembly instruction in the pack already for you. We take the rod, making sure that the nuts and washers are assembled in this order. Take the nut off, and this we now look to apply inside the top spider. Simple just to hold it with your finger, spin the rod in, until you feel the rod coming through the nut. Don’t over thread it as you don’t want it to come through higher than the level base plate. Turn it over, tighten the nut up, and using a wrench or spinner, tighten it up. This will increase the stability of the table, and stop any flexing within the post. Place it on the floor and do the top nut. Take hold of the post, you’ll notice there is a sticker; this is to be placed at the top of the base. If you look into the actual plate, you’ll see notches. What we’re going to do is we’re going to use the locater to actually locate the whole post correctly in the right attitude. So that’s now located, pick up the base, you’ll see the actual alignment here. Place it onto the actual post and rod. It’s not located correctly with the spider legs and base legs in alignment. Place the nut finger tight and using a socket or wrench tighten up, making sure there’s enough force to actually retain the whole assembly together. Don’t over tighten, because you may crack the castings with too much pressure. What we’re going to do now is assemble the technology, the pad inside the foot. Here we’ve got the pad, and what we’ve actually got is the Allen key supplied. We take the nuts out of the actual base, and then we place the pad inside the base of the table. So what we want to do now is assemble and secure the pad. Only finger tighten these nuts, you don’t want to over-tighten and crack the plastic of the actual leg itself. Sometimes you may find you need to exert a little bit of pressure, so literally just put your thumb behind and stretch, put the nut in, and tighten with the Allen key provided. Remember only finger tight, and there you have a fully assembled base. We now take the complete base to the table top making sure that the legs of the spider are aligned to the corner of the table on a square base. So here we have the leg inter-aligned to the corner. What we could do is draw a line to the corner, corner to corner, so that we can align the actual fixing points of the table. Then, using appropriate screws, fix the table top to the spider using all the fixing points that are available. So, we now have a complete base and a table top attached, and there you have it. The number one solution to wobbly tables. FLAT engineering stability.

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Overall Dimensions:
  • Length: 22 Inches
  • Width: 22 Inches
  • Height: 28 3/8 Inches

Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning

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  • Overall User Rating: FLAT Tech KX22 22" x 22" Auto Adjustable Black Table Base

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    I purchased this table base last summer in the hopes of eliminating the need to have to bend down between guests to stop the table from wobbling. Unfortunately it was too good to be true. The table leans to whichever side a customer puts his hand or arm down, effectively creating a see-saw effect.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    For the price difference between these legs and standard table legs, you would expect the tables to balance like the video shows, but they don't. They make it look like it automatically balances as the floor level changes, but you have to push on the edges of the tables to get the table to level out and the second someone puts any weight on their side of the table, it's off until someone pushes on the other side.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    These really work! Not a wobbly table in our 100 year old building. One thing I will note is that in the self-leveling process sometimes it means that tables adjacent to one another are not exactly level with each other (they'll be level but one will be higher or lower) but they likely wouldn't be with standard bases anyway since the real problem is the floor they're standing on. Well worth the investment.
    These table bases work! We are in an old refurbished building, so our floors are very uneven. We had thick oak tabletops made and installed these bases ourselves. They are very sturdy and the tables do not rock. Absolutely recommend!

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