Parts & Manuals for Pitco SE14TX-C 40-50 lb. Split Pot Solstice Electric Floor Fryer with Intellifry Computerized Controls - 208V, 3 Phase, 14kW

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Pitco A3301001 Clean Out Rod

Item number614a3301001



Pitco 50006609 Heating Element

Item numberhp50006609


Pitco 60059302 Gasket, Drain Line

Item numberhp60059302


Pitco 60130803 120v Motor Haight

Item numberhp60130803





Pitco A6653505 Filter Hose

Item numberhpa6653505





Pitco B6663901 Filter Clip

Item numberhpb6663901


Pitco B6664103 Filter Drawer Assy

Item numberhpb6664103



Pitco B6664303 Filter Support

Item numberhpb6664303


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Pitco B6665101 Elbow Drain

Item numberhpb6665101


Pitco B6674802 Pick-Up Tube

Item numberhpb6674802


Pitco B6681201 Filter Crumb Scoop

Item numberhpb6681201


Pitco PP10056 Cleaning Brush

Item numberhppp10056