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5 Tips to Make Your New Equipment Purchase Go Smoothly

As a follow-up to Steve's great post about tax incentives for restaurant equipment purchases, I thought I'd list a few tips to get the most out of your new equipment purchase!

1. Choose the Right Utility

Choosing the wrong utility is the #1 culprit for improperly operating restaurant equipment in the food service industry. For electrical equipment, make sure your business can meet the voltage, phase, and AMP requirements of the piece of equipment you're interested in. If you're not sure, check with your electrician! Some electrical equipment is not supplied with a cord and plug, so you'll need to pay attention to that too. Similar recommendations apply to a piece of gas equipment... make sure you can meet the equipment's requirements.

The best place to find all of this type of information all in one place is on the item's Specification Sheet, which we provide for you right on the item's details page:

Spec Sheet Tab

2. Make Sure You Can Meet Other Installation Requirements and Clearances

This is closely related to #1, but making sure that you can meet other installation requirements such as clearances to either side of the piece of equipment is crucial for safe and effective operation. When looking at the overall dimensions of a piece of equipment, pay attention whether the dimensions include things like handles, casters, or legs. That way you can be sure that new range you want will actually fit through the door!

3. Still Not Sure? Look for a Buying Guide or Product Video!

We're always working hard to help you make the most informed purchasing decisions! We're constantly adding new buying guides and product videos to the site. You can find buying guides by clicking our food service help link to see a full listing. You can also find a link to the guide right on the item's page as a tab next to the Spec Sheet, if the product has a related buying guide.

Don't want to read a guide? Watch a product video, starring our intrepid Product Knowledge Expert, Steve Ziegler! You can find these videos right on the product pages. We're always open to suggestions so if you'd like to see a video or a guide for a product and we don't have one, email us!

4. Do You Need a Lift Gate?

If you're ordering a large piece of equipment that can't be delivered by FedEx and you don't have a loading dock, we strongly recommend ordering lift gate service. A lift gate will bring the product down to the ground from the back of the truck. Remember, the truck driver is not responsible for doing anything other than lowering the product to the ground with the lift gate. He or she won't take it inside for you or help you unpack it.

Lift Gate Delivery

5. Please Please Please Inspect Your Delivery for Damage

When your shipment arrives, perhaps the most important thing is to INSPECT IT for damage while the truck driver is there! If you see or suspect any damage, note it on the bill of lading and contact Customer Service as soon as possible! Don't let the truck driver bully you, don't let them tell you that they can't wait, don't let them try to talk you out of noting damage. If you don't do this, it can be nearly impossible to get reimbursed from the manufacturer or carrier! You could be out a whole lot of money!

For even more equipment installation tips, take a look at our Equipment Installation Checklist!

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