The Truth About Free Shipping

Many online stores use "free shipping" as a buzzword to bring in customers, but does free shipping really save you money?

Stores that offer free shipping often incorporate shipping costs by raising their prices, resulting in you spending more money in the long run. Here at WebstaurantStore, we do our best to offer the lowest prices possible per item. One way we do that is to not hide the shipping cost into the prices of our products, so that you can buy more for less. Click here to check out an example of how our low prices helped out a customer even when our competitor offered free shipping.

While we do charge shipping on most of our kitchen equipment, you'll find that we still have the lowest prices and best deals on the web! Additionally, WebstaurantStore offers reduced shipping costs when you buy in bulk, allowing you to cut costs even further by buying everything your business needs in one easy purchase. Keep reading for helpful tips on saving money by ordering with WebstaurantStore!

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Other Helpful Tips to Save Money on WebstaurantStore

Here are a few tips to help you get the best deals on WebstaurantStore:

  • Buy in bulk. Since our shipping calculator is based on the item's weight, dimensions, and distance shipped (not the item's cost), it's almost always a better deal to buy more at once!
  • Ship to a business address, if possible. We use FedEx to ship most of our orders, and they charge more to ship to a residence than a business, due to insurance and accessibility reasons. You'll probably save a few dollars by shipping to your business address instead of a residential one. (Note: An address would be considered “business” if it is zoned as commercial real estate. In many cases, it should also feature a customer entrance, a posted sign, and business hours.)
  • Review a WebstaurantStore product. With every approved review, you’ll be eligible to receive a $2 credit! You can also submit a photo and caption of a WebstaurantStore product in use to receive a $4 credit if approved! For even more savings, shoot a video of your product or equipment in use. If we feature your video, you’ll earn a $10 credit towards your next order!
  • Check out our Coupon Code page monthly. Here you will find all of our featured coupons and new savings for your business.
  • Sign up to receive our email specials. Never miss our coupon codes again! Our weekly email promotions highlight special pricing on featured items,and it’s quick and easy to sign up. Just enter your email below!
  • Visit our Scratch and Dent Outlet. We offer great deals on new equipment with minor superficial damage that doesn't affect performance.

Our Great Low Prices in Action

Although a website offers free shipping, that doesn't mean you'll be saving the most money! Take a look at how our website was able to offer this customer a better deal due to our great low prices even though our competitor offered free shipping on the same products.

Competitor's Quote

Competitor Pricing

Webstaurant's Quote

Our Pricing

Navigating shipping costs online can be tricky. Understanding WebstaurantStore shipping makes your experience as smooth as possible.

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