Tortillas and Wraps

We carry a variety of taco shells, tortillas, and wraps that are perfect for stuffing with delicious fillings.

Nacho Chips

Nacho chips are a crowd-pleasing appetizer that's easy to prepare and helps to boost your sales.

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Hot Sauces

From individual packets to bulk bottles, our hot sauce selection includes the top brands your customers love.

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Hispanic Appetizers

Hispanic appetizers like taquitos and quesadillas are a great way to diversify your menu.

Mexican Cheese

Top off delicious tacos, quesadillas, burritos, and frittatas in your restaurant or food truck with flavorful Mexican cheese.

Salsa & Mexican Sauces

Spice up your dishes and create signature flavors with our selection of salsa and Mexican sauces.

Jarritos Soda

Add a specialty bottled drink to your menu with Jarritos soda, proudly made in Mexico with real cane sugar.


Peppers are one of the key ingredients that help you to achieve authentic flavors in your popular Hispanic recipes.

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Bulk Beans

Beans are a staple of Latin cooking, and we carry many bulk options to help you save on food cost.

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Bulk Rice

Choose from a variety of bulk rice options, including white rice, brown rice, and organic rice.

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Hispanic foods cover a wide breadth of dishes, meaning that no matter what your menu looks like you can implement elements of Hispanic cuisine. Browse our large selection of bulk products like beans and rice so you can stock your pantry without breaking your budget. We also carry Jarritos soda flavors, allowing you to provide customers with an authentic Hispanic beverage to go with their meal. For more products that can help with the preparation and presentation of Hispanic foods, check out our tortilla presses, taco holders, and salsa bowls.

Add Some Spice to Your Restaurant’s Menu with Our Hispanic Foods

Whether you operate a restaurant or bar, expanding your menu with Hispanic foods allows you to reach new customers and provide unique experiences. We offer a variety of nacho chips and toppings, giving you the opportunity to add familiar, easy-to-make Hispanic appetizers to your menu. Our tortillas and wraps are also a great option for establishments looking to add classic Hispanic dishes like tacos and burritos to their selections.

Find an array of ingredients that can allow your kitchen to recreate the iconic flavors commonly associated with Hispanic foods. Our selection of wholesale spices gives your cooks the ability to season any Hispanic dish, while our peppers, onions, and garlic are great ways to infuse flavor into Latin entrees. Use our collection of hot sauces and salsa to provide the finishing touch and add the heat and spice that are commonly found in traditional Hispanic dishes.